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  • 01Archeological Museum,Somnath

    Archeological Museum

    The Archeological Museum of Somnath has a great collection of remains from the former Somnath temples that were destroyed. Stone sculptures, pots and inscriptions from various periods make a visit to the museum interesting. The museum is open from 8.30 am to 12.15 pm and from 2.30 pm – 6 pm.

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  • 02Amba Mata Temple,Girnar

    Amba Mata Temple

    The Amba Mata Temple is an ancient temple built in the 12th century and is located on the Girnar Hills. The temple is dedicated to one of the forms of Goddess Amba. While constructing the temple, the marks of the goddess' chariot were found along with her footprints.

    The temple has marked its place in Hindu mythology as it is believed to be the place where Lord Krishna was tonsured.

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  • 03Auto World,Ahmedabad

    Auto World

    Auto World is the biggest collection of automobiles in India and one of the best in the world. This collection is in the Dastan Estate of Kathwada, Ahmedabad and basically a personal collection of vintage cars of Mr. Pranlal Bhogilal. This 2200 acres estate accommodates almost more than 100 expensive vintage cars like the Rolls-Royces, Daimlers, Lagondas, Mercedes, Auburns, Cadillacs, Buicks, Chryslers, Bentleys, Cord, Lancias, Packards, Lincolns and Maybachs.

    All the vehicles in the collection here are custom made according to the specifications given by their owner. Many of these cars are convertible and can be used according to the purpose. The history of transport and automobiles can be traced from this collection but also serves to be the symbol of power, style and wealth of a single family. There is an auditorium, a cafeteria, a souvenir shop and a station for fun drives in these cars for visitors to enjoy their visit to this collection.

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  • 04Akhshardham Temple,Gandhinagar

    Akhshardham Temple

    The Akhshardham Temple is one of the greatest temples in Gujarat. It is a rare combination of devotion, architecture, works of art and exhibitions. The murti of Lord Swaminarayan is the principle idol of the temple.

    Tourists who visit Gandhinagar pay a visit to this place to marvel at the beauty of the monument and the temple as such. The tagline of Akhshardham says, “This is a place where art is ageless, culture is borderless, and values are timeless.”

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  • 05Aina Mahal,Bhuj

    Located in the Northeast corner of Hamirsar Lake in Bhuj, Aina Mahal or the 'Hall of Mirrors' is a wondrous edifice. Built during the mid-18th century and attractively designed by a dexterous artisan named Ram Singh Malam in a mixed Indo-European style, the Mahal houses some of the most beautiful art pieces and paintings.

    Though the castle was almost destroyed during the 2001 earthquake, a part of the same, which remained quite intact, was restored and has been turned into a museum that is open for public viewing on all 365 days of the year.

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  • 06Adi-Kadi Vav & Navghan Kuwo,Junagadh

    Adi-Kadi Vav and Navghan Kuwo are two step wells located inside Uparkot. Unlike other step wells, these are made of single rocks and no other external elements are used in building them.

    Adi-Kadi Vav is a deep well with 9 layers. The step well was built in the 15th century. The name of the well has an interesting story behind it. The king had ordered to get the well dug. When no water was found after digging in deep, the royal priest announced that water would show only if two unmarried girls were sacrificed. Adi and Kadi were the two unfortunate girls who were chosen for this. As the priest had predicted, water was found after their sacrifice.

    There is also another possibility that Adi and Kadi could be the two royal servants who used to draw water from the well regularly. People who visit this place still hang clothes and bangles on a nearby tree in their memory.

    Navghan Kuwo

    This step well is believed to be built in 1026 AD or earlier, with 52 m spiral stairs that lead to the waters. This is an uncommon way of building a step well. The step well is partly built using soft rock and partly structured like typical step wells.

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  • 07Akshar Mandir,Gondal

    Akshar Mandir

    Akshar Mandir is a famous shrine in Gondal dedicated to Swami Gunatitanand—the first successor of Bhagavan Swami Narayan. Akshar Deri, the samadhi of the Swami, lies within this Akshar Mandir premises. Devotees visit the place in large numbers to perform pujas every year.

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  • 08Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach,Somnath

    Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach is one of the most visited beaches of the state of Gujarat. It is located on the coastline of Gujarat, where Gujarat and Diu come together. The area is thus a combination of cultures from Saurashtra and that of Portugal influence from Diu.

    The beach is a great place to be if you love taking a stroll on the sands or if you would like to take a dip in the saline waters. Dolphin sightings and water sport adventures are other reasons why this beach has become popular.

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  • 09Adalaj Stepwell,Gandhinagar

    The Adalaj Stepwell, or Adalaj vav (Gujarati) is a unique Hindu well which is located about 15 km from Gandhinagar on the National Highway. This well is well-known for its marvellous architecture and intricate carvings. It was built in the year 1499 by a Muslim King Mohammed Begda for Queen Rudabai who was the wife of the Vaghela chief, Veer Singh.

    The well has spiritual importance among the villagers as they visit the place to fill water and offer prayers to the deities carved on the walls of the well. The walls are carved with mythological characters and scenes.

    This well is a beautiful specimen of Indo-Islamic architecture and design. Due to its peculiar style in architecture, direct sunlight doesn't normally touch the steps, except for a short period at noon. The temperature inside the structure is thus found cooler than its surroundings.

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  • 10Ashoka's Edicts,Junagadh

    Ashoka's Edicts are the inscriptions on rocks which were made during King Ashoka's ruling period. The rock edict is considered as the most important one among the many edicts of Ashoka. It is located on the Saurashtra peninsula of Junagadh in Gujarat. Since it is inscribed on the high mountain rocks of Girnar, the edict is not easily accessible by all. The inscription is in Brahmi script, which claims to be the oldest script that was used in India.

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  • 11Asiatic Lions Of Gir,Gir National Park

    Asiatic Lions Of Gir

    The Asiatic Lions are nowhere bred in the world other than in Gir National Park, Gujarat. It is believed that the Nawab of Junagadh was the one who protected these animals which were then only 13. This figure, however, seems controversial as per the later records.

    The habitat and the environment of the forest make the place protected for these lions. These big Indian cats have become close to extinction as the rise of human population has turned most of their habitat to farmland. Animal lovers come here to have a look at this endangered sub-species of lion.

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  • 12Akshardham,Ahmedabad

    The Akshardham Temple is located in Gandhinagar which is around 30 km from the city of Ahmedabad. This is a temple of the Swaminarayan sect believing in Sanatan Hinduism. The temple is made of pink sandstone and houses the idol of Swaminarayan, the founder of the sect. This temple has an idol of Swaminarayan himself, which is gold-plated and has the idols of Swami Gunatitanand and Swami Gopalanand Swami on both sides.

    The temple has three floors—Hari Mandapam or the main floor, Vibhuti Mandapam or the upper floor, Prasadi Mandapam or the ground floor. The temple consists of 7 pillars, 210 single-stoned beams, 25 domes and 8 zarokhas. Each pillar has wonderful carvings on it. No steel has been used in the total construction. Lot of filigree work has been done on the stone.

    There is a light and sound presentation in the temple complex demonstrating the different incidents related to the Sanatan Hinduism. This show talks about Vedas, Puranas and the knowledge from the ancient Hindu texts. There is a passage way around the temple that is supported by 356 stone pillars. There is also an Applied Research in Social Harmony centre that provides the opportunity of research for scholars.

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  • 13Atash Behram,Udvada

    The town of Udvada is famous for the Zoroastrian Atash Behram. The Behram is a place of worship of the Zoroastrians, which has made Udvada famous across the globe. This place of worship is one of the most sacred Zoroastrian fire temples in the country and probably the oldest fire shrine with an endlessly burning fire within.

    The Behram in Udvada is one among the nine Atash Behrams in the world of which eight are in India, and one is in Central Iran. The fire temple at Udvada was constructed in the year 1742 and is considered very sacred among all those who belong to the Zoroastrian community.

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  • 14Art Deco Palace,Morbi

    Art Deco Palace

    The Art Deco Palace built in 1931 is known for its impressively done interiors. It is located in Morbi in Gujarat.

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  • 15Ankottaka,Vadodara


    Ankottaka (the present Akota) is a small town located on the right bank of the river Viswamitri. This site was a main centre of Jainism and Jain studies during the 5th and 6th centuries. The 68 bronze images of tirthankars recovered from the site so far are now placed in the Vadodara Museum.

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