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  • 01Akhshardham Temple

    Akhshardham Temple

    The Akhshardham Temple is one of the greatest temples in Gujarat. It is a rare combination of devotion, architecture, works of art and exhibitions. The murti of Lord Swaminarayan is the principle idol of the temple.

    Tourists who visit Gandhinagar pay a visit to this place to marvel at the beauty of the monument and the temple as such. The tagline of Akhshardham says, “This is a place where art is ageless, culture is borderless, and values are timeless.”

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  • 02Indroda Dinosaur And Fossil Park

    The Indroda Dinosaur and Fossil Park, or Indroda Nature Park, is located on the bank of the Sabarmati river over an area of 400 hectares of land. It is considered as the second largest hatchery of dinosaur eggs in the world.

    The nature park is run by Gujarat Ecological Education and Research Foundation (GEER) and is the only dinosaur museum in India. The park nicknamed as 'India's Jurassic Park' consists of a zoo, botanical garden, amphitheatre and also has skeletons of many sea mammals which include that of the blue whale. It also has an interpretation centre and provides facilities for camping too.

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  • 03Mahatma Mandir

    Mahatma Mandir

    The Mahatma Mandir is a centre put up by the government of Gujarat as a dedication to the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. There will also be a convention centre in the same complex that can accommodate 5000 people.

    Every kind of information and literature regarding Mahatma Gandhi would be showcased here for those who are keen to know about the life of Bapu ji. This project also has an exhibition hall, conference halls and meeting rooms.

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  • 04Sarita Udyan

    Sarita Udyan is located in Sector 9 of Gandhinagar. This is a well-known picnic spot among travellers and tourists. The area is built specially for recreational activities. Sarita Udyan can be visited throughout the year.

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  • 05Adalaj Stepwell

    The Adalaj Stepwell, or Adalaj vav (Gujarati) is a unique Hindu well which is located about 15 km from Gandhinagar on the National Highway. This well is well-known for its marvellous architecture and intricate carvings. It was built in the year 1499 by a Muslim King Mohammed Begda for Queen Rudabai who was the wife of the Vaghela chief, Veer Singh.

    The well has spiritual importance among the villagers as they visit the place to fill water and offer prayers to the deities carved on the walls of the well. The walls are carved with mythological characters and scenes.

    This well is a beautiful specimen of Indo-Islamic architecture and design. Due to its peculiar style in architecture, direct sunlight doesn't normally touch the steps, except for a short period at noon. The temperature inside the structure is thus found cooler than its surroundings.

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  • 06Shamlaji


    The temple of Shamlaji stands near Gandhinagar in the Sabarkantha district of Gujarat. Sakshi Gopal or Gadadhar is the principal deity of the temple. The temple is also one among the rare temples that worship the idols of cows. According to the belief of Vaishnavites, Shamlaji is considered as one among the 154 most important pilgrimage sites in India.

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  • 07Craftsmen's Village

    Craftsmen's Village

    The Craftsmen's Village is in Pethapur, situated about 7 km away from Gandhinagar. The village is on the backside of the Sabarmati river and was once famous for Bandhini sarees. Wooden printing blocks carved beautifully for hand-printing on sarees are exported from here to countries like Singapore.

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