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  • 01Pariyur Kondathu Kaliamman Temple

    The Pariyur Kondathu Kaliamman temple is a famous temple in the small town of Pariyur that is in the Erode district of Tamil Nadu. The proper name of the temple is the Arulmigu Kondatha Kaliamman Temple.

    Pongal and Navaratri are the famous festivals that are celebrated in the temple premises each and every year. The temple has a style of the Dravidian architecture. Local people have a belief that the temple is more than fifteen hundred years old.

    The inner sanctum of the temple is made of black marble. There is an outer mandap of the temple along with five storey structure. There is a crown of fire on the head of the main deity of the temple that faces north. The place remains more or less humid all throughout the year. The shrines of this temple are dedicated to Siddhi Vinayagar. An annual car festival also takes place in the temple every year.  

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  • 02Thindal Murugan Temple

    Situated in Tamil Nadu, the Thindal Murugan Temple is very famous as it is Sri Velayudhaswami, another name of Lord Murugan who is found here. A golden chariot temple car is also present in the temple premises.

    Panguni Uthiran is the major festival that is celebrated in the temple every year. Thousands of pilgrims come from across the southern parts of India in order to attend the festival.

    The Thindal Murugan temple is located in the town of Erode. The temple is considered as one of the most important places of worship in India. It is the Thindal rock on which the temple is situated.

    One who visits the temple feels completely at peace. Moreover, there is the Thannasi cave that is located on the north western side of the temple. The temple is located on the National Highway.

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  • 03Brough Church

    Brough Church

    The Brough Church is one of the oldest and famous churches in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is being said that an Australian missionary named Antony Watson Brough is the founder of this Worship centre. Moreover, he had made tremendous contributions towards the people of the city.

    The church authorities conduct various works of public interest. It is in the year 1928-29, that the church was established, and it is situated just in the middle of Erode near the Paneerselvam Park. The officials of the church have restored the pillars and terrace of the church.

    The architecture of the church reflects Indo-Saracenic style. It is done in order to attract the Muslim pilgrims along with the Christians. Thousands of pilgrims visit the church daily from various parts of the country.

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  • 04Vellode Bird Sanctuary

    The Vellode Birds Sanctuary is near the temple town of Erode in the State of Tamil Nadu. It is one of the famous bird sanctuaries in the entire state and is considered as a paradise for the bird lovers. Established in the year 1996, this sanctuary is being maintained by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India.

    It is located barely 13 km from the central bus terminus of Erode. The sanctuary falls on the way to Chinnamalai near Vellode. The sanctuary is very large and has a big lake in the middle of it. It has an area of 0.3 sq miles.

    The people of Erode are really concerned so that the flow of birds in the sanctuary never gets disrupted. The season starts from the month of November and continues till March. There are a lot of observatory towers in and around the lake.

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  • 05Karadiyur View Point

    Karadiyur View Point

    The Karadiyur view point is located 83 km north-east of the municipal town of Erode. It is a beautiful place as one gets to enjoy the beauty of nature. The natural beauty of the place is enormous, and one can feel that he or she is standing in heaven as the site is wonderful.

    It is the ultimate pleasure that one gets after visiting the site. One can take bus service from Erode or can drive from there in a car. It takes more than an hour to reach the beautiful place. The place offers complete tranquility to people who are sad or disheartened.

    Karadiyur Viewpoint is considered as one of the most beautiful places in the entire South India and one who visits the state for vacation must visit this beautiful area.

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  • 06Kodumudi


    Kodumudi is a populous panchayat town of Tamil Nadu situated in the Erode district. The average elevation of the town is 144 m. It is believed by the people of the state that this town is one of the shikarams of Kailash. The place is situated on the banks of the river Kaveri.

    Thousands of pilgrims come to this place during the Brahmotsavam festival. Lamps are lit and are set in the river in order to float. There are various works of literature that praise this town. Moreover, this town has a great art value as well as a mythological value.

    As it is situated on the holy banks of the river Kaveri, the town is considered to be a traditional town and religious festivals like the Chitthirai and the Aavani are conducted by the natives of the town.

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  • 07Bhavani


    Situated in the famous Erode district of Tamil Nadu, Bhavani is the second largest municipal town in the entire district. It is considered by the locals as a very auspicious place as it is situated at the confluence of Bhavani and Kaveri rivers.

    The place has a population of more than fifty thousand people. The town is basically a peninsular island and is located on the northern side of the Erode town. There are many who refer the place as the Triveni Sangam of the south.

    The town is very famous for the Samganeswarar temple, and it is being dedicated to Lord Shiva. Vedagiri, Tiruchenagode, Mangalagiri, Sankagir and Padmagiri surround the entire area. It is the carpet industry for which the town is also very famous in the state. The carpets in the town have a national approval and the people of the state call it the carpet city.

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  • 08Kodiveri Dam

    The Kodiveri Dam is one of the largest dams of Tamil Nadu. It is located in Gopichettipalayam in the Erode district. It is built on the Bhavani river. It is situated just 45 km from the Erode town that is very famous for its temples. The Maharaja of Mysore constructed the dam in the seventeenth century.

    Paddy and sugarcane are the two primary crops that are being produced in this particular area. The dam is considered to have a vast geographical area and has a great importance as the entire region remains fertile due to this dam. The dam plays a crucial role for irrigation in this area.

    Moreover, tremendous improvements are being made in the infrastructure of the dam by the dam authorities. Special parks for children have been made by the Government along with restrooms and other extra facilities. Measures have been taken by the Government to use this dam for the benefit of the common people.

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  • 09Bannari

    Bannari is a small village situated in the famous Erode district of Tamil Nadu. It is located 12 km away from the Satyamangalam town. It is a beautiful village that has a classic natural beauty. There is a special task force of the police that is situated in this village, and moreover it has its headquarters in this village.

    The village is very famous for the Bannari Amman Temple, which is dedicated to a Hindu Goddess. People from all across the state and also from the neighbouring states come to visit the deity every year.

    Kundam is the main festival that is celebrated in the temple premises and this festival is also one of the main festivals of the state. The celebration takes place in the Tamil month of Pangini, i.e., in the months of March-April. One can visit the temple at 5.30 am, and it remains open till 9 pm at night.

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  • 10Periamariamman Temple

    Periamariamman Temple

    In the heart of Erode, the Periamariamman Temple is located. The Mariamman is the Queen of all the Goddesses. The temple was built by the Kongu Cholas more than 1200 years ago. The temple has an area of 3,500 sq m.

    Pongal is considered to be the greatest festival that takes place in the temple premises. It takes place in the month of April and it is one of the most auspicious festivals of Southern India. The temple is considered as very sacred by the pilgrims who visit here in large numbers during the festival.

    The ‘Ma-vilaku’ worship is a very special kind of worship that is performed by the devotees during the festival. It is said that Mariamman has the power to eradicate all kinds of diseases. The architecture of the temple is very famous as it has brilliant sculptures all over it.

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  • 11Mohamoodia Masjid

    Mohamoodia Masjid

    Mohamoodia Masjid is considered as one of the most premier mosques in India. A lot of history is being associated with the mosque. It is truly a symbol of a larger identity for the Muslims and this identity is definitely the human identity. Not only do the Muslims visit this mosque, but a large number of Hindus and members from other religions also visit the mosque.

    The architecture of the mosque is of high quality, and it gives a reflection of Mughal architecture through its high-class architecture. There is a large private accommodation within the mosque. It is a very large masjid, and it gives a lot of facilities to the common people of the city.

    Located in the Erode town of Tamil Nadu, this mosque has an age old tradition. It has a legacy of its own. It is considered as one of the most sacred places of worship in the entire country.

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  • 12Arudra Kabaliswarar Temple

    Arudra Kabaliswarar Temple

    Arudra Kabaliswarar Temple is a five-hundred-year old temple. This temple has a lot of specialties. Hundred and eight shivalingas are curved in the single shrine. It is in the state of Tamil Nadu and is located in the auspicious town of Erode. This temple is considered as the first ever temple in Tamil Nadu.

    It is believed by the local people that as the sun falls on the face of the deity, a festival is conducted there. Moreover, Mahashivaratri is also celebrated in full form in the temple premises. It is being said that one who makes a wish always gets his or her desires fulfilled.

    The sun's rays always fall on the frontal side of the mandap. The people of Erode find this place to be a very auspicious one, and they believe because of Lord Kabaliswarar they have peace and prosperity in the city.

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  • 13Kasthuri Aranganathar Temple

    Kasthuri Aranganathar Temple

    Kasthuri Aranganathar Temple is a temple which has a lot of history associated with it. The temple is considered as one of the finest and most sacred temples in the temple town of Erode. The temple has a lot of unique features. Kasthuri is the main deity in this temple. This deity is very different from the other Ranganatha Perumal deities.

    There are a lot of myths associated with this temple. The dwara palakas are considered as one of the biggest features of this temple and are certainly very attractive in nature. According to a certain myth, these dwara palakas are actually devas who are cursed to become demons and that is why they are worshipping the almighty.

    Kamalavalli Thayaar is the Goddess who is worshipped here. A lot of pilgrims do visit the temple on a regular basis, and the main festival is organized in the temple premise during the month of March.

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  • 14Mahimaliswarar Temple

    Mahimaliswarar Temple

    The Mahimaliswarar Temple is located near the temple town of Erode. It is just 2 km from the central bus stand of the town. The temple has a great historical value and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is worshipped as Maliwarar and is considered by the pilgrims as a very auspicious one.

    The main shrine in the temple is of Lord Shiva, but there is also a shrine of Maa Shakti. She is referred to as Maragadambigai. There are also shrines of Lord Ganesha and Lord Brahma in the temple. It is the divinity that is being considered as the biggest attraction of this place.

    The local people share a lot of myths about this temple. Moreover, the local people do believe that their safety and security is in the hands of Lord Shiva, and they have the blessings of the almighty in order to win all types of obstacles.

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  • 15Government Museum

    Government Museum

    In the Government Museum of Erode, Tamil Nadu objects related to art, anthropology and archaeology are showcased. Established in the year 1987, the museum is a multipurpose one. It is one of the biggest storehouses of art and culture in the entire state. Experts are of the opinion that this museum has a tremendous art value.

    The museum is also open on Sundays. It is closed only on Fridays and on the second Saturday of every month. There are lots of mythological figures in this museum. The museum has always tried to maintain a separate art value of its own, and in due course they have been able to maintain it in a successful manner.

    There are treatises of ancient times, and they are of great attraction for the common public. There is more than 1200 sq ft area in the museum. The authority is working hard to collect more distinct items for the museum.

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