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Dindigul Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Dindigul

  • 01Dindigul Hill

    The Dindigul Hill is the most prominent feature of the city as the city derives its name from it. Dindigul comes from the two words ‘Thindu’ which means pillow and ‘Kal’ which means rock. The hill overlooks the city and is shaped like a pillow hence it gets its name.

    The Dindigul Fort is also located on top of these hills. You can have a bird’s eye view of the city of Dindigul from the hill. A trip to the Dindigul Hill is recommended when you are visiting this place. The fresh air on top of the hill will refresh your weary soul.

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  • 02Dindigul Rock Fort

    The Dindigul Rock Fort is the most significant historical landmark of the city. Located on top of the Dindigul hill at a height of 280 ft, it was constructed in the 17th century by Muthu Krishna Naicker of the Madurai kingdom. Since then it has seen many occupants.

    In the 18th Century Tipu Sultan ruled over the fort and the fort went over to the British after his defeat. The fort is a must visit for all those who are interested in history and architecture of the country.

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  • 03Abirami Amman Temple

    Abirami Amman Temple

    Abirami Amman Temple is dedicated to Goddess Abirami Amman. Located at the centre of the city the temple is thronged by devotees during Navratri festival. During Navratri, the famous Kolu is kept in the temple.

    During this time, the priests of the temple perform over 1 Lakh archanas in dedication to the Goddess of the temple. During the Tamil month of Adi, the Goddess is taken on a possession on a pallak made of flower on all Fridays.

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  • 04St. Joseph Church

    St. Joseph Church

    Saint Joseph Church was constructed between the years 1866 to 1872. This 100-year-old church is at the head of all the existing Roman Catholic Churches in the district of Dindigul and hence is one of the most important religious places of the region.

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  • 05Anjaneyar Temple

    Anjaneyar Temple

    The Anjaneyar Temple is located at Anapatti in the Nilakottai Taluk. The temple is one of the most famous temples in the area and is said to be over 300 years old. The temple was constructed by Rani Mangamma, the queen of Madurai.

    The temple is located near the Peranai Bridge which was built during the British rule. When the water is at its full height, the idol of the temple is half immersed under water.

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  • 06Thadikombu Perumal Temple

    Thadikombu Perumal Temple

    Thadikombu Perumal Temple is located on the Dindigul- Karur route about 5 km away from Dindigul. The main deity of the temple is Lord Alagar. The main festival of the temple is celebrated during the Tamil month of Chitrai, which falls in April and May.

    During this festival, the deity is offered regular prayer for 12 days.

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  • 07Begambur Big Mosque

    Begambur Big Mosque was constructed during the rule of Hyder Ali, and this ancient mosque is over 300 years old. The younger sister of King Hyder Ali, Ammer-un-Nisha Begam was buried within the compound of this mosque.

    The mosque is named after her as she was also lovingly referred to as Begambur in the Dindigul area.  

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  • 08Athoor Kamarajar Lake & Kamarajar Sagar Dam

    Athoor Kamarajar Lake & Kamarajar Sagar Dam

    The Kamarajar Lake and Kamarajar Sagar Dam are located at Athoor village. The lake is sprawls across 400 acres and overlooks the Western Ghats. The area surrounding the lake and the dam is sprawling with banana plantations, coconut trees, cardamom estates and coracles.

    The area is extremely popular among bird watchers as thousands of species of birds inhabit the area.

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  • 09Kottai Mariamman Kovil

    Sri Kottai Mariamman Kovil is dedicated to Goddess Mariamman. Constructed over 200 years ago the idol of this ancient temple is believed to have been installed by the great ruler Tipu Sultan.

    The temple also houses the idols of Vinayaka, Muruga, Madurai Veeran, Kali and Durga. The structure of the temple is built in the shape of a square. A board of trustee run the administration of this temple.

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  • 10Christ The King Church

    Christ The King Church

    The Christ the King Church is located near Coaker’s Walk in Kodaikanal. The church is constructed of granite. Build in the colonial era the church has a clear influence of colonial architecture in the form of glass windows and artworks. The church is a prime attraction among tourists.

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  • 11Chinnalapatti

    Chinnalapatti is a small town in Dindigul district. The town has several tourist spots like the Vadipatti Matha Shrine, Athoor Kamarajar Dam, Sirumalai Hills, Kutladampatti water falls, Athisayam Theme park and several lake houses and resorts.

    The Alagar festival also draws a lot of crowd to the town.

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