Chinmaya Tapovan, Dharmashala

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Chinmaya Tapovan, established by Balakrishnan Menon; a Hindu spiritual leader and teacher of India, is a major tourist destination at Dharamshala. The ashram has been named after Balakrishnan Menon’s guru, Swami Tapovan.

The place, located on the banks of the River Bindu Saras, serves as a centre for the Chinmaya Rural Primary Health and Training Centre. Apart from this, short courses on the great Indian epic; the 'Gita', are also offered here.

A statue of the Hindu monkey-god; Hanuman, standing tall at a height of 9 ft., at the entrance, welcomes visitors to the ashram. Visitors can shop for books and CDs at the bookshop located here.

Nestled amidst the ranges of the mighty Himalaya, the ashram offers visitors the opportunity to relax in its tranquil environs.

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