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  • 01Triund

    Triund is a major tourist destination of McLeodganj, nestled at an elevation of 2827 m above sea level, on the Dhauladhar Range of the mighty Himalaya. A 9 km trekking route leads to Triund from McLeodganj.

    Picturesque villages like Rakkar and Dharamkot fall on this trekking route. Located at a distance of around 17 km from Dharamshala, Triund is also a popular destination for excursions among visitors from there. Triund features breathtaking views of the Moon Peak and the Indrahar Pass.

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  • 02Tibet Museum

    Tibet Museum

    Tibet Museum, a noteworthy tourist attraction of Dharamshala, is located inside the Tsuglagkhang Complex at McLeodganj. It is the foremost modern museum in Dharamshala, spread over a huge area. This museum has separate rooms for meetings, exhibitions and displays. Its architectural style showcases a fusion of original Tibetan and modern designs.

    Visitors are offered with the opportunity to see historical documents, manuscripts, Thangka paintings, pottery and many handicrafts that belong to the Tibetan culture. Surrounded by lush green lawns, this museum also has various outlets selling paintings, artefacts and handicrafts. Tourists can reach the museum, located at a distance of 5 km from McLeodganj by taxis.

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  • 03Dharamshala Cricket Stadium

    Dharamshala Cricket Stadium is a popular tourist attraction of Dharamshala. This international stadium also serves as a domestic playground for the local cricket teams. With a mesmerising natural backdrop, this stadium is considered as the most beautiful stadium of India.

    This stadium, sometimes, offers visitors the opportunity to witness international and Ranji cricket matches. The snowy mountain peaks of the Dhauladhar Range are easily visible from the stadium.

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  • 04Gyuto Monastery

    Gyuto Monastery

    Gyuto Monastery, situated at a distance of 6 km from Dharamshala, is a popular tourist destination. This shrine is home to the Karmapa, the head of the Karma Kagyu, a major school of Tibetan Buddhism. Also known as TCV School, the monastery houses the idol of the Sakyamuni Buddha, known as Gautama Buddha, which is enshrined in a small chamber.

    The monastery was built in memory of the Tibetan soldiers who lost their lives fighting for the freedom of Tibet. A structure resembling a stupa, similar to those built by King Asoka during the 3rd century, is also present there. The Gyuto Monastery is well connected with buses and taxis from the main town.

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  • 05Kangra Art Museum

    Kangra Art Museum

    Kangra Art Museum is a major tourist destination located at Kotwali Bazaar of Dharamshala in Kangra. Visitors can see the beautiful Kangra Kalam artworks that are famous for their seductive figures and usage of attractive colours. It also has some artworks which can be traced back to the 5th century.

    This art museum has a library and a separate section to display the works of contemporary artists, sculptors and photographers. In addition to this, visitors can also see beautiful collections of pottery, anthropological items and sculptures here.

    Artefacts of Tibetan and Buddhist cultures are also exhibited here, along with various collections of jewellery of different tribes, wood carvings and embroidered costumes.There is also an art gallery that exhibits specimens of famous Kangra Kalam works or the Pahari miniature paintings, a form of art that is promoted by the museum.

    Kangra Art Museum is deemed to offer a depiction of the cultural heritage of Himachal Pradesh that is centred on pictures and images. The paintings are created by the colours extracted from dried herbs and flowers.

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  • 06Dal Lake

    Dal Lake is a prominent tourist destination located at an elevation of 1775 m above sea level, 11 km from Dharamshala. Surrounded by forests of lush green deodar trees, this lake is situated on the road between McLeodganj and the village of Naddi. The Dal Lake serves as a base camp for trekkers in Dharamshala and McLeodganj.

    The banks of the lake are also the site for an annual fair organised in the month of September. A religious belief tied with the lake is that a dip in the lake relives people from all miseries and secures the blessings of the Hindu deity, Shiva. A nearby temple, devoted to a Hindu sage, Durvasa is also an important place to visit.

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  • 07Nadii And Talnoo

    Nadii And Talnoo

    Nadii and Talnoo are popular tourist destination located at a distance of 14 km from Dharamshala. These regions are the highest point of Dharamshala and offer a bird eye view of the surrounding valley. It also offers breathtaking views of sunsets. Apart from this, treks through the Kareri Lake, Triund and Guna Devi can also be started from here.

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  • 08Tsuglagkhang

    Tsuglagkhang is a major tourist attraction located towards the southern end of the town of Dharamshala. Known as the Potala Palace-in-exile, the place where His Holiness the Dalai Lama resided while at Dharamshala, this complex houses the Namgyal Monastery.

    Apart from the monastery, the complex also has many temples, bookshops, cafe, stupas and a museum. A 3 m tall bronze statue of the Sakyamuni Buddha, also known as Gautama Buddha, can be seen at the complex. Beautiful images of the Avalokitesvara and Padmasambhava, Buddhist enlightenment beings, are also displayed in the complex.

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  • 09Namgyalma Stupa

    Namgyalma Stupa

    Namgyalma Stupa is a popular tourist attraction located at the heart of the McLeodganj city. This Buddhist structure was built as a symbol of respect for the Tibetan soldiers who lost their lives during the freedom struggle in Tibet. Its architectural style resembles that of the stupas constructed in the 3rd century, during the rule of the great emperor Ashoka.

    The stupa showcases a beautiful image of Sakyamuni Buddha, also known as Gautama Buddha, which is placed in a small chamber. Numerous Buddhist devotees visit this shrine to offer their prayers.

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  • 10Namgyal Monastery

    Namgyal Monastery is a major tourist destination located near McLeodganj overlooking the Dhauladhar mountain ranges. The residence of the Buddhist spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, is located close to the shrine. This monastery is a part of the Tsuglagkhang Complex, which is regularly visited by numerous Buddhist devotees.

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  • 11Hanuman Ka Tibba

    Hanuman Ka Tibba

    Hanuman-Ka-Tibba is a major tourist attraction of Dharamshala, located at an altitude of 5639 m above sea level, in front of McLeodganj. Standing tall as the highest point of the Dhauladhar Ranges, this place offers breathtaking views of the surrounding area. Also popular as the ‘White Mountain’, the Hanuman-Ka-Tibba offers a classic trekking route. The magnificent Pir Panjal Ranges are also visible from this location.

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  • 12Trekking


    Trekking is a popular activity among visitors in Dharamshala. The starting point of the trek to the Dhauladhar Range, which rises from the Kangra Valley to an altitude of 4600 m above sea level, is situated here. There are several exciting trekking trails, which pass through forests of deodar, pine and oaks, crystal clear streams, occasional lakes and glaciers.

    The most explored trekking route located here starts from Dharamshala and leads to the Chamba Valley over the Indrahar Pass, nestled 4350 m above sea level. This trekking route offers mesmerising views of snowy peaks of the Pir Pranjal Range and the mountain ranges of the mighty Himalayas.

    Another popular trekking route which starts at Dharamshala is one that passes through Billing, Bir, Palchak, Panihardu, Udeg, Marhu, Barabanghal and Dhardiand, and ends at Nayagraon. The toughest trekking route of this place leads across the Bhimghasutri Pass, nestled at an elevation of 4580 m above sea level.

    The trekking route, starting from Dharamshala, passing through the Bleni Pass, nestled at a height of 3710 m above sea level, is comparatively easier than the one passing through the Bhimghasutri Pass. This trekking route ends at Dunali located on Chamba Road. The best season for trekking here starts from the month of September and lasts till November.

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  • 13Norbulingka Institute

    Norbulingka Institute, located at a distance of 8 km from McLeodganj, is a major tourist attraction. Founded by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, this institute is spread over an area of 7 acres. This institute is dedicated to the imparting of education in the fields of Tibetan art, culture, music, dance, wood work, handicrafts and carvings.

    The Losel Doll Museum, which exhibits more than 160 dolls, made in the last 15 years is another attraction of the institute. The dolls shed light upon the activities and costumes of the people of Tibet. The Gyato Monastery, located nearby, should also be visited while at the Norbulingka Institute.

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  • 14Mani Lhakhang Stupa

    Mani Lhakhang Stupa

    Mani Lhakhang Stupa is a renowned tourist attraction believed to be built under the guidance of an Avalokiteshvara, a Buddhist enlightened being, also known as the third Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche. This shrine was established in 2001 and, since then, has been regularly visited by numerous Buddhist devotees.

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  • 15Nechung Monastery

    Nechung Monastery

    Nechung Monastery, the seat of the State Oracle of Tibet, is a popular tourist destination located at McLeodganj. This monastery is a part of the Tsuglagkhang Complex, situated just below the Tibetan Library in Gangchen Kyishong. The McLeodganj bus stand located nearby offers easy accessibility to visitors.

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