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  • 01Khajjiar

    Khajjiar, a popular destination ideal for adventure lovers, can be reached after a 3-day trek from Kalatop. Travellers taking up the 3-day journey will be rewarded with the view of the white-coated barrens of the region. Adventure enthusiasts can indulge in different kinds of sports like horse riding, photography and other activities in the snow-covered plains of the region. The heavy snowfall leads to the formation of snow-covered bridges over frozen streams which make for a picturesque sight. Visitors are advised to take heavy woollens even in summers because of the extremely cold weather.

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  • 02Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

    Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

    Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary, also known as Kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary, is situated at a distance of 6 km from Dalhousie. The sanctuary falls under the district of Chamba of Himachal Pradesh and spreads over an area of 1962 hectares, which is entirely covered with thick deodar trees. The main vegetation of this sanctuary includes blue pine, fir and deodar trees. Animals and birds of different species reside in this sanctuary making it a popular tourist destination of the state. The sanctuary is home to a variety of leopards, bear, deer and squirrel, barking goral, serow, langur, jackal and the Himalayan black marten. A habitat for a huge flock of birds, this sanctuary is a treat for the ornithologists.

    A beautiful stream that ultimately meets the river Ravi in the north flows through the sanctuary. Visitors will require at least 3 to 6 hours to explore the whole region. The roads of the sanctuary are well maintained; as a reason, strolling through it is popular amongst visitors. It must be noted that a special permit is required from the District Forest Officer of Chamba for the entry of vehicles inside the sanctuary. The ideal time for visiting the place is during the months between March and May and September and November.

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  • 03Kalatop

    Kalatop, situated at an elevation of 8000 m above the GPO at Gandhi Chowk, is one of the prominent tourist spots near Dalhousie. This place experiences snowfall all year round. Walking is the most convenient way to reach the place as vehicles do not go beyond a certain point due to the snow. Trained trekkers are recommended to take up the three-day trek to Khajjiar, a popular destination with adventure lovers. Individuals who are not interested in trekking can enjoy the scenic beauty of the place.

    Visitors can walk along the forests to Lakkarmandi via the upper Nakorota hills. On the way, tourists will come across Tibetan Handicraft Centre, Dalhousie Potato Farm and Dalhousie water system. In addition to this, visitors can also enjoy the view of the Dainkund Peak, which is an army base camp. Bhulwani Mata, situated in the restricted area, is another noted spot in the region. Visitors who are interested to see the temple are allowed to go there.

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  • 04Bhuri Singh Museum

    Bhuri Singh Museum

    Bhuri Singh Museum was constructed in the year 1908 in honour of Raja Bhuri, who ruled Chamba during that period. The king contributed valuable paintings of his family to the museum. Apart from paintings, the museum houses lithographs in Sarda scripts, which contain vital historical information related to Chamba. The assortment kept in the museum show Chamba rulers' love for art and culture. Beautiful collections of Guler-Kangra style paintings kept in the museum enhance the charm of the place. Travellers must also see the Basohli paintings, which illustrate the styles of Bhagwat Purana and Ramayana.

    Other attractions of the place include the beautifully embroidered Chamba Rumals or handkerchiefs. In addition to this, tourists can also see armours and arms, coins, jewellery and costumes, diverse ornamental artefacts and musical instruments, displayed in the museum. The museum can be visited on holidays and Mondays between 10 am and 5 pm.

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  • 05Chamera Dam

    Chamera Dam

    Chamera Dam, constructed on the river Ravi, is considered to be the lifeline of the state. Situated at a distance of 35 km from Dalhousie, this place supports the hydroelectricity projects of the region. One of the unique features of the lake is its fluctuating temperature. The absence of aquatic life in the lake makes it ideal for water sports like rowing, paddle boating, motor boating, sailing, canoeing, angling and kayaking. Moreover, the government of Himachal Pradesh also provides house boat rides and shikaras in this region.

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  • 06Panchpula


    Panchpula, meaning five bridges, is a noted tourist spot situated at a distance of 3 km from Dalhousie. Popular for its gushing streams, Panchpula is the main source of potable water for the nearby localities like Dalhousie and Balloon. This stream originates from the northern side of Dayakund, which later cuts through an abyss and then flows into the different waterbodies located in Panchpula.

    A monument named Panchpula, built in memory of Sardar Ajit Singh, a renowned revolutionary leader, has been erected at the meeting point of the streams. On the way to Panchpula falls a beautiful waterfall named Satdhara whose water is believed to bear medicinal properties by locals. 

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  • 07Satdhara Falls

    Satdhara Falls

    Satdhara Falls, located at an elevation of 2036 m above sea level, is situated on the way to Panchpula, a noted tourist site. The waterfall derived its name from the seven springs present in the region. According to locals, these springs have therapeutic values, owing to the presence of mica, called "gadhak" in the local language, in the water. The scenic beauty of the region is also an added attraction. Tourists are suggested to plan a trip to the place between mid-May and mid-October, as during this time the climate remains pleasant.

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  • 08Bakrota Hills

    Bakrota Hills

    Bakrota Hills, located at an elevation of 2085 m above sea level, is a popular tourist attraction in the Chamba district of the Himachal Pradesh. The snow-covered peaks of the mountains and dense deodar forests further enhance the beauty of the place. Adventure lovers can hike around the hill and enjoy the scenic beauty of the place.

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  • 09Upper Bakrota

    Upper Bakrota

    Upper Bakrota, a noted tourist spot in Dalhousie, is situated at a height of 2085 m above sea level. It is recommended that tourists visit this place on foot in order to take in the natural beauty. A part of the Bakrota walk, the place is categorised as a day hike. It falls on the way to Khajjiar and continues till Alah Water Tank.

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  • 10Subhash Baoli

    Subhash Baoli is a recurrent spring, situated at a distance of 1 km from Dalhousie. The place has been named after a renowned Indian freedom fighter, Subhash Chandra Bose. He came to Dalhousie in the year 1937 due to his falling health and stayed for over seven months. It is said that the medicated water of the stream treated his disease and revitalised his health. Beautiful forest areas and the refreshing water of the spring attracts many tourists from the far-flung areas.

    The view of the waterfall situated at the opposite side of the lake adds to the attraction of the place. Set amid the forest area is a cave of transparent water. Walking under the cave without a single drop falling on the individual makes for an amazing experience. A nearby tea shop serves up local snacks to visitors. Snow-capped mountains and pleasant weather further enhances the beauty of the place.

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  • 11St. John's Church

    St. John's Church

    St. John’s Church, built in the British architectural style, is a fine example of buildings of the Victorian era. Erected in 1863, this church is one of the oldest structures of the town and is, therefore, of significant historical significance. The foundation of the church was laid by protestant missionaries during the British rule. This church receives frequent visitors, especially on Sundays when the regular service is held. Apart from churchgoers, history lovers, avid readers and tourists are also fond of this place.

    The St. John's Church also houses an old library which has a large collection of books and rare photographs that illustrate the history and culture of Dalhousie. The church rests amid beautiful surroundings, which further adds to the charm of the place. Travellers can reach St. John's Church, situated at Gandhi Chowk, after covering a distance of 2 km from the main bus stand of Dalhousie.

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  • 12Akhand Chandi Palace

    Akhand Chandi Palace, constructed by King Umed Singh around 1747-1765 AD, was once the residence of the royal Chamba family. In the later years, the temple was refurbished by King Sham Singh with the support of British engineers. The descendants of the family later handed over their mansion to the state government.

    The glass work and painted walls of the building were once famed for their beauty. Today, due to lack of maintenance, these artefacts are in a ruined condition. The beauty of the palace can be judged from magnificent ceilings, which represent the artistic excellence of that era. Other attractions of the place include temples and mansions located in the vicinity.

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  • 13Rang Mahal

    Rang Mahal

    Rang Mahal, built by Raja Umed Singh, in Surana Mohalla illustrates the architectural blend of Mughal and British style. The prime attractions of this place include 18th-century Punjab hill-style wall paintings, which illustrate the life of Lord Krishna. Other beautiful and ornamental wall paintings that were showcased in the museum were later removed from the palace and placed at the Delhi National Museum.

    Visitors can buy handmade rumals, wooden loom-made shawls and chappals from the Himachal Emporium situated inside the museum. The visiting timings of this emporium are between 10 am to 1 pm and 2 to 5 pm from Monday to Saturday.

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  • 14Tibetan Handicrafts Centre

    Tibetan Handicrafts Centre is situated at a distance of 2 km from Dalhousie at Bakrota hills. This place is ideal for shoppers as they purchase artefacts which represent the excellence of Tibetan art and culture. One can find different types of ornaments, mementos and Chinese goods here. In addition to this, visitors can also find Tibetan handlooms, mats and carpets. It can take around 1 to 2 hr for tourists to explore this place. To reach this place, individuals can easily avail taxis, buses or walk.

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  • 15Ganji Pahari

    Ganji Pahari

    Ganji Pahari is one of the noted nature walks in Dalhousie. The literal meaning of Ganji Pahari is bald hill. The place was named after the fact that there are no trees at the peak of the hill making the summit of the hill look like a bald patch. One can reach this place after an hour’s walk from the town centre. At this place travellers can enjoy fresh air and the beautiful view of the mountains.

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