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Coonoor Weather

Being a hill station, Coonoor offers a climate that makes visiting the place possible throughout the year. Summer season (from early March to late May) is ideal for sightseeing and trekking activities. Those who wish to enjoy the greenery of the landscape can pay a visit during the monsoons. The period starting from October to the last quarter of February is ideal for holidaying and honeymooning.


Summers start in Coonoor from the month of March and last till May. Summer season is a pleasant time as the temperature never gets too high to cause discomfort for the visitor. And, the mornings during summer in Coonoor are a sight to behold, especially if one has found lodging along the valley overlooking the plains. The temperatures during this season range from 15℃ to 25℃.


Monsoon showers begin in Coonoor from the month of June. The region experiences fairly decent rainfall during the monsoons which are prolonged till September. The place becomes humid during the rains, and it is not typically frequented by travellers during this season. However the showers clad the hills and valleys of Coonoor with emerald carpets, making it a splendid sight to watch.


Winter in Coonoor extends from November to February and it is the coolest part of the year. The temperature during this season is likely to drop to a minimum of 10℃. Winter is an ideal time for travelers who like cooler climate; however it is highly recommended to carry winter clothing, if you are planning a trip to Coonoor during this season.