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  • 01Chandipur Beach

    Chandipur Beach

    Chandipur Beach tops the list of places of attractions in Chandipur. This mystical beach is one of the wonders of nature. The amazing phenomenon of the water receding the beach within a few minutes and again flooding the beach in another couple of minutes is worth experiencing.

    This happens twice a day due to the high and low tides occurring during a certain interval of time. During low tide, the water recedes away whereas during high tide it again returns.

    The sand dunes and the green Casuarina trees present on the beach add to the captivating scenic beauty of the Chandipur Beach. The red crabs and horse-shoe crabs have made their dwellings in the beach.

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  • 02Panchalingeswar Temple

    Panchlingeswar is 36 km away from Chandipur. Located amidst the dense green vegetation and rocky hills, Panchalingeswar offers a tranquil and secluded environment. The place is famous for the shrine of Lord Shiva which is located on the hill top.

    Five Shiv Lingas are born naturally in the middle of two large rocks. A stream flows over these Lingas. A temple has been built by its side where many priests perform rituals and worship the deity.

    To reach this place, one has to climb 263 steps that start from the foot of the hill. Several small streams are flanked by stairs. It is one of the favourite picnic spots among the visitors, and the picnic is only allowed at the foot hill.

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  • 03Nilagiri


    Nilagiri, situated at a distance of 32 km from Chandipur, is a town which is close to the vicinity of Nilagiri Hills. Nilagiri, as the name suggests, means ‘Blue Mountains’, has earned its name from the apparent blue colour of the hills.

    On top of one of these hills lies the Panchalingeswar Temple. The royal palace and the Jagannath Temple adjacent to it are also places of attraction in Nilagiri. Antique gold and diamond ornaments along with the royal dresses worn by the then Kings and Queens of Nilagiri are kept for display inside the palace.

    Several eateries are put up by the roadside. A spectacular Khumkut Dam can be visited which is located quiet near to this town. A very old lighthouse stands erect close to the dam. Nilagiri is also famous for its sweets. One can relish mouth watering delicacies at the Katchery bazaar.

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  • 04Sajanagarh


    Sajanagarh is a small village located at a distance of 20 km from Chandipur and only 5 km away from Nilagiri Hills. Sajanagarh is popular for the temple of Goddess Chandi known as Bhudar Chandi which is situated in the heart of the village.

    The temple has got several sculptures of different Gods and Goddesses which depict the prevalence of Shakti cult in this village. Away from all the hustle and bustle of town, this temple is located amidst a secluded and tranquil world of nature.

    On entering the campus, one will get completely detached of worldly hues and surrender the mind and soul into the holy ambiance of the temple. Several archaeological findings also attract many people with archaeological interest to this place. People come here to pay homage to the deity.

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  • 05Remuna

    Remuna is a place for pilgrimage for all the local residents of Baleswar district. It is situated 20 km away from Chandipur. Here, the highly esteemed Lord Gopinath resides in a temple called Kheerchora Gopinath Temple.

    The temple is a century old and is believed to be visited by Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu along with his mentor Madhabendra Puri. A specially prepared delicacy known as Kheer is offered to the Lord and is sold as prasadam by the Temple committee. Janmashtami and Chandan Purnima are celebrated in Remuna.

    Anyone visiting Remuna should not forget to purchase the applique works and utensils made of brass and bronze which are a specialty of this place. Several other temples and Mathas are also situated in the nearby places. The Ramachandi Temple, Gargeswar Temple, Madhabendra Matha and Gaudiya Matha are among the others.

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  • 06Bhitarkanika


    Bhitarkanika, located at a distance of 206 km from Chandipur, lies at the delta of Bhramani, Baitarani and Dhamra rivers. Embellished with exotic wildlife and lush green forest, Bhitarkanika sees an influx of tourists in summer and winter seasons. Visitors have to take permission for entry from the Forest Authority of Bhitarkanika.

    To reach here one has to take a boat ride from Khola to Dangmal which is the only means of communication. The ride is very enthralling as one can witness the second-largest mangrove ecosystem in India. Bhitarkanika has a National Park encompassed by the Wildlife sanctuary.

    Gahira Matha beach lies nearby which acts as a separator between the jungle and the Bay of Bengal. Rich in flora and fauna, Bhitarkanika is home to exotic and endangered wild species like white crocodiles, saltwater crocodiles, monitor lizards, pythons, king cobra, darters and many more. Birds from Central Asia and Europe migrate here creating an added advantage for tourism.

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