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Calangute Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Calangute

  • 01Mae De Deus Church

    Mae De Deus, which literally translates to Mother of God is a Gothic style church and a very famous one in North Goa. In a city where most of the prominent churches are located in the South, Mae de Deus is a pleasant addition to the list of North Goa attractions and tourists around the Baga, Calangute and Candolim areas will surely appreciate how strategically it is located.

    Mae De Deus is a relatively small church, and it doesn’t take more than half an hour to get a good look at it and get done with some praying, inside the church or out in the lush green surroundings. Mae De Deus church is an ideal place to spend some time sitting and pondering after a long day at the beach or shopping.

    Being a relatively new church, having been inaugurated in 1873, upkeep has never really been an issue. The large pristine white appearance and the Gothic inspired spires are sure to turn a head or two. This coupled with the large entrance and silver bell makes for quite a sight. The church also makes for a photographer's dream canvas.

    The church houses the famous shrine of Nossa Senhora, which was transported from the ruins of the old Mae De Deus Church in Old Goa. Getting to Mae De Deus is easy enough. It’s situated around 13 km from Panjim on the way to the North Goa town of Mapusa. It’s just a stone throw away for North Goa tourists and residents.

    The best way to get there from cities like Vasco Da Gama, Panjim and Margao is to get a cab. You may also want to consider renting a two wheeler if you’re based in the North. This church also goes by the name Saligon Gothic Church.

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  • 02Club Cubana

    Club Cubana

    By public opinion, unanimously, Club Cubana is the best place to party in Goa. This is one of the only places in Asia that’s open practically all night, and we mean all night with no cop trouble and no abrupt party spoilers.

    Club Cubana scores a perfect ten on the crowd front. If you’re the Bollywood or even the Holywood kinds, you might just end up spotting a celebrity or two once in a way. Right in the centre of the night club is a huge swimming pool and Jacuzzi and the open air night club that’s on a hillock overlooks the coastline.

    Palms decorate some of the areas in the night club which makes for a true outdoor part experience with a very spacious dance floor. Club Cubana wins points across the board, though, we’ve heard of some patrons complaining about the relatively limited dinner spread, but hey, if you are there to party, it’s the bar you want to hit!

    One of the downsides of Club Cubana is the fact that it’s open only from October to April, being owned by a European family. The entry fee offers a full cover which can be redeemed for food and drinks and generally hovers around the INR 1,200 mark which, given the service is a very good price to pay.

    If you’re in Goa, you have to visit this place once to get a feel of one of Asia’s most authentic poolside party experiences. The club claims a capacity of 3000 people, but don’t be surprised if you see more, sometimes it gets hard to breathe. This of course, never takes away from the energetic party experience.

    Getting to club Cubana is easy enough, its located at Calangute, but we suggest you use your own vehicle. Cabs are available round the clock, but one might just get gypped if you find yourself too many drinks down and out too late.

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