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  • 01Doodpather

    Doodpather is a beautiful site situated amidst dense forests, hills and a stream. Locals believe that a Kashmiri sage known as Nund Reshi came to this place in search of water. According to a legend, when the sage dug the ground looking for water, milk started flowing out of the earth. It was after this that the place was named Doodpather, a combination of two Hindi words, "doodh" meaning "milk" and "pather" meaning "rock".

    Some of the other popular tourist attractions situated close to this site are Sochilpather, Mujpather, Dophkhal, Palmaidan, Parihas and Tangnar.

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  • 02Nilnag Lake

    Nilnag Lake

    Nilnag is a picturesque lake situated 4 km away from Yousmarg. The path from Yousmarg is quite rough and passes through dense forests. The lake received its name from its clear-blue water where nil stands for blue and nag stands for lake. It is also an ideal picnic spot. A 13 km uphill trek from the lake leads to various other spots.

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  • 03Tatta Kutti

    Tatta Kutti

    Tatta Kutti is the major source of the Doodh Ganga stream, situated at an elevation of 15,500 ft above sea level. The stream is a tributary of the Jhelum river which is known for its trout fish. Tourists can reach the site from Yousmarg, situated at a short distance of a kilometre away, either by walking or by riding ponies.

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  • 04Sang-e-Safed


    Sang-e-Safed is an oval-shaped meadow that divides the stream of Doodh Ganga. The site is situated at a distance of about 10 km from Yusmarg. On the route to Sang-e-Safed, tourists can visit several other meadows, such as Haigin and Liddermar.

    Haigin is an extremely picturesque meadow situated around 4 km from Yusmarg. Sang-e-Safed, meaning white rocks, is surrounded by large pine trees and makes for a popular picnic spot.

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  • 05Tomb Of Sheikh Noor-ud-Din

    Tomb Of Sheikh Noor-ud-Din

    Tomb of Sheikh Noor-ud-Din, located 28 km from Srinagar at Chrar-e-Sharif, is popular as Alamdar-e-Kashmir or the flag-bearer of Kashmir. It is dedicated to Sheikh Noor-ud-din Noorani (RA) who spread the religious message of Islam in the valley of Kashmir. Coins were issued in his name after his death by Atta Mohammad Khan, the governor of Afghan.

    Sangram Dar, who was a disciple of Alamdar-e-Kashmir, constructed a mosque here. Sheikh Noor-ud-din Noorani would pray every Friday in this mosque only. Legend has it that after Alamdar-e-Kashmir died, his coffin descended at this site after flying for sometime.

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  • 06Tosa Maidan

    Tosa Maidan

    Tosa maidan is a popular pasture having great historical significance. Sprawling over an area that is 4.8 km long and 2.4 km wide, it is the largest pasture in the region. Situated in the Himalayan range and surrounded by dense forests, the pasture is believed to have been used by the Mughals to reach the valley of Poonch. A seven-storey building, known as Dam Dam, was said to be constructed by them there. The Basmai Gali pass leads the way to Tosa Maidan.

    Tourists can reach here by passing through different villages like Zakhora, Nakwaer Pal, Pehjan and Drang.

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  • 07Khang


    Khag is a beautiful place located in the tehsil of Beerwah in the Budgam district. Located at an elevation of 8000 to 14000 ft above sea level, it is surrounded by mountains measuring 17000 ft in height. The place is covered in greenery and during summers shepherds in large numbers bring their sheep here for grazing. Khag provides for an amazing view of the valley.

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  • 08Pehjan


    Pehjan is an alpine pasture which is ideal as a picnic spot. The pasture is covered with different kinds of saussurea lappa and asters plants that bloom wildly creating a picturesque effect. The panoramic view of the Wular Lake and the Nanga Parbat, which is amongst the highest peaks on the earth, adds to the attractions of the place.

    Travellers can visit this site by crossing the slopes of Brari Pather, Yanga Pather and Donwar.

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  • 09Nakwaer Pal

    Nakwaer Pal

    Nakwaer Pal or the nostril rock, measuring 14000 ft in height, is located in proximity to Pehjan in the Budgam district. It is said that when the valley of Kashmir was a lake, boats were anchored to this rock. An iron hook known as the Lal Khanen Gher present on the rock is believed to be the point where the boats were tied.

    The shepherds and Gujjars, the gypsies of the Himalayas, living nearby, bring their cattle for grazing here.

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  • 10Sut Haran

    Sut Haran

    Sut Haran is a famous spring situated a little away from Tosamaidan in the district of Budgam. Nestled amidst a dense forest, this spring is situated in proximity to the Line of Actual Control, the effective border between India and People’s Republic of China. According to Hindu mythology, Ram, the incarnation of the Hindu god of preservation, Vishnu, lived in these very forests with his wife Sita and brother Lakshan during his period of exile.

    It is also believed that Sita bathed in this spring during her stay there which is why the spring was originally known as Sita Haran. The name of the spring was later changed to Sut Haran. A rock placed near the waterbody is believed to have been used by Sita to sit upon. The water of this spring is said to be extremely sweet to taste.

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  • 11Naranag


    Naranag also known as Narain Nag is a beautiful spring situated close to the village of Khag. This spring is believed to originate from the Tosamaidan Lake. The spring unites with the lake after flowing for many kilometres under the ground.

    Legend has it that the connection between Tosamaidan and the Naranag was made many years ago when an ascetic travelling through the area discovered it. He was travelling with a bag of sheep dung, which he dropped into Tosamaidan Lake by accident. The ascetic was very surprised to see the dung floating on the surface of the Naranag a few days later. Understanding the implications and to clear his doubt, he went back to Tosamaidan and poured some turmeric powder into the water of the lake. A few days later the water of the spring turned yellow confirming his belief.

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  • 12Sukhnag


    Sukhnag or the spring of solace was initially known as Sokhanag. It is a beautiful spring located close to Tosamaidan in the Budgam district. This spring takes the form of a 20 ft high waterfall at a place called the Kanj Zubji, before uniting with other smaller waterbodies. The major source of the Sukhnag is the Ahij stream, which flows between big boulders. The spring is further separated into various other springs, such as the Sona Maen Kol, Lar Kol and Mala Kol. The water of this spring is used by many villages in Beerwah tehsil for irrigation.

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  • 13Pushkar Nag

    Pushkar Nag

    Pushkar Nag, situated east of the village of Poshker, in the middle of Ferozpora and Khag, is a historical spring. According to popular belief, Kashmiri pandits used to perform prayers known as Diavai Paath at the spring in the month of Sawan of the Hindu calendar.

    The priests also would take a dip in this spring to attain blessings. The spring finds mention in the Nilamata Purana, a mythological text, according to which, a dip in this spring brings devotees spiritual benefits similar to that of the night-long Vedas recitations.

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  • 14Gandhak Nag

    Gandhak Nag

    Gandhak Nag, located in Darang Khaipora village in the Budgam district, is a spring that contains sulphur in its waters. The spring is believed to possess medicinal properties, which can cure all kinds of skin ailments. Tourists in a large number come here to bathe in this spring so to get cured of all sorts of skin diseases.

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  • 15Mala Kol

    Mala Kol

    Mala Kol, popularly known as the deaf and dumb stream, is one of the beautiful springs present in the Budgam district. According to a legend, this stream very quietly followed the saint Syed Taj-ud-Din from Sukhnag to Sikandarpora. The spring after flowing through dense forests combines with the Sut Haran.

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