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Bir Weather

Bir experiences a wet, temperate climate throughout the year. The weather gets quite warm during summers while winters are extremely cold with temperatures dropping to sub zero levels.


(April to June): Summers in this region start from April and go on till June. The maximum and minimum temperature during this time is 38 degree Celsius and 25 degree Celsius respectively. The climate of the region becomes quite hot during this time and May is the hottest month.


(July to September): The monsoon seasons here begin from July and rains can be expected till the month of September. The climate of the place becomes quite humid during this time.


(December to February): Winter season in Bir commence from the month of December every year and remains till February. The region experiences extreme climatic conditions during this time with mercury falling to as low as 0 degree Celsius. The maximum temperature here is around 20 degree Celsius.