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  • 01Akbarpur,Rohtas


    Akbarpur is one beautiful place where the lovers of medieval history will be drawn to. It is located at the foot of the famous Kaimur hills nearly 5 km away from Rohtasgarh. Akbarpur has been named in the memory of the great Mughal ruler, Akbar.

    This tourist spot is situated very near the Rohtas headquarters. The attraction you are not to miss here is the tomb of Malik Wishal Khan who was the daroga of Rohtasgarh when Shahjahan was the emperor.

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  • 02Ahilya Asthan,Dharbhanga

    Ahilya Asthan

    Ahilya Asthan is a famous historical temple dedicated to Gautam Rishi's wife Ahilya. It is a famous historical temple and is also known as Ahilya gram. According to Ramayan when Lord Ram was on his way to Janakpur his feet touched a stone from which Ahilya was born.

    Later, Ahilya was cursed by her husband Gautam Rishi to turn into a stone. Large fairs are held every year on the occasion of Ramnavami and there are other temples and mosques in the village as well.

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  • 03Ashoka Pillars,West Champaran

    The Ashokan Pillars are a marvel that are 2300 years old and still counting. The pillars rise to a height of 35 ft. The uniqueness of the pillar lies in its massiveness and exquisite design, which are a testimony to the skill of the Mauryan era.

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  • 04Aranya Devi Temple,Bhojpur-Bihar

    Aranya Devi Temple

    Aranya Devi Temple is dedicated to Goddess Aranya, the Goddess of the forests. The temple and the deity are known to fulfill the wishes of the devotees. The temple is just 3.2 km away from the Arrah railway station and can easily be reached by a rickshaw or horse-driven chariots.

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  • 05Akhorigola,Rohtas


    Akhorigola located in the Rohtas district boasts of a weaving industry that produces beautiful blankets that you cannot resist buying. This spot is known for cattle fair.

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  • 06Ashoka Pillar,Vaishali

    Ashoka Pillar

    Emperor Ashok, who had adopted Buddhism and devoted his life to spread its principles far and wide, built the Ashoka Pillar which is also called the Lion Pillar. Ashoka expressed his reverence and devotion by means of erecting an exceptional piece of art.

    The column is located at Kolhua and is made with a high-quality, single piece of red sandstone. It is surmounted by a bell shaped capital which 18.3 m in height. On the top of the pillar is a giant figure of a lion that has a dominating presence.

    The pillar is preserved with utmost perfection and is still intact. There is a small tank called Ramkund situated within the premises.


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  • 07Agam Kuan,Patna

    Agam Kuan meaning the unfathomable well has immense historical substance. It is associated with the rule of Mauryan King Ashoka and is one the oldest archaeological sites in Patna.

    Many legends are attached to the site and while some regard it as a torture chamber, some refer to it as the well where King Ashoka threw his brothers in order to attain the throne. Near this site is the temple of Shitala Devi, which is known for remedial cures for smallpox and chickenpox.

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  • 08Ami,Saran


    Ami is located 4 km away from the west of the Dighwara and 26 km away from the Chapra. In Ami is located a garden with a deep and broad well, which is near the ancient Ambika Sthan Temple. The specialty of the garden is it never dries up. Ami is also popular for its Durga temples.

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  • 09Ajatshatru Fort,Rajgir

    Ajatshatru Fort

    The Ajatshatru Fort, was built by Ajatshatru who was the then ruler of Magadha. The fort is one of its kind and is worth a visit.

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  • 10Amjhar Sharif,Aurangabad-Bihar

    Amjhar Sharif

    Amjhar Sharif has immense religious significance for being an important Islamic pilgrimage centre of the city. The pilgrimage of Amjhar Sharif is the heavenly abode of an ancient mazaar (grave) of a Muslim saint named Hazrat Saiyadana Mohammad Jilani Amjhari Quadri.

    Thousands of Muslims visit this pilgrimage centre on the anniversary of the great saint which is held during the first week of June. The holy hair of Baba Hazrat is on display for pilgrims on this holy occasion.

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  • 11Apsad,Nawada


    Apsad is located 15 miles from Nawada and is popular for Apsad Vishnu Temple. This amazingly built temple remains open throughout the year where devotees from various parts of the country come to offer prayers. Apsad is gem for the archaeology department as excavation at Apsad brought out wonderful elements of the historical time like antiquities like animal and human figures of terracotta.

    The stone sculpture of Lord Vishnu was found here and is the reason for the existence of the temple here. Many articles were dug out like terracotta beads, glasses, bangles, miniature pots, vessels, jars, etc. The excavation yielded precious stones too. Hence, this place is a must visit at least for history lovers.

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  • 12Abhinath Asthan,Lakhisarai

    Abhinath Asthan

    Abhinath Asthan is an alluring place in Nongarh, which is situated in the mountains. According to the mythological accounts, and the common belief Abinath Baba was the disease healer. He supplied antidotes to the people of Nongarh all through his life. A temple has been built for the people who wish to pay their respects to him.

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  • 13Ananda Stupa,Vaishali

    Ananda Stupa

    The Ananda Stupa is built to commemorate Ananda, the most well-known disciple of Lord Buddha. He is said to have taken a samadhi in the vicinity of the Anand Stupa and his mortal remains are enshrined in the stupa.

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  • 14Ajgaivinath Dham,Bhagalpur

    Ajgaivinath Dham

    Ajgaivinath temple commonly known as Gaibinath Mahadeo is one of the most important temple of Bhagalpur with the main deity worshipped being that of Lord Shiva. The existence of the temple is shrouded in mystery.

    Some believe it to be a “Swayambhu”. Ajgaivinath Dham is a very historic and sacred place. The temple is structured on the rock on which the deity is said to have appeared magically and has a series of inscriptions engraved on it.


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  • 15Adhaura,Kaimur


    Adhaura on the Kaimur Plateau, Bihar is situated at a height of 2000 ft above sea level. The beauty of Adhaura lies in its serene setting. Adhaura is crowned by lush forests, making it an ideal tourist spot.

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