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Bhopal Weather

The best time to travel to Bhopal is between the months of September and November. The city sees a large influx of tourists during the month of October because the weather is quite pleasant at this time of the year. However, it is best to travel with light winter clothing in case it gets chilly during the evenings and at night.


Bhopal has hot and humid climate from the months of March to May. The temperature often soars as high as 45 degrees Celsius making it almost impossible to step out of the house during afternoons. This isn’t the best time to visit the city or you will find yourself suffering from dehydration and sun strokes while travelling.


Monsoon begins in the month of June and lasts until the end of September. Sporadic showers are seen during early October as well. The place receives heavy amount of rainfall and many parts of the city experience heavy traffic jams due to clogging of the roads with water. It is not recommended to travel to Bhopal during monsoon months.


Winter starts in Bhopal towards the end of October though the weather is quite pleasant until the mid-November after which heavy fogging begins. Winters are very harsh and fogging results in disruption of traffic throwing normal life out of gear. The cold weather lasts until mid-March.