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  • 01Vikramshila Setu

    Vikramshila Setu

    Vikramshila Setu is a bridge built across the Ganges and is named after Vikramshila University, an ancient seat of learning. Vikramshila Setu is the third longest bridge in India and connects NH 80 and NH 31 which run parallel on the opposite sides of the Ganges. The bridge has been a boon to transport in the region.

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  • 02Mandar Parvat

    Mandar Parvat

    Mandar Parvat is a small mountain of a height of about 700 ft high. The mountain is widely known as Mandar Hill. There are two temples on the top of the hill belonging to Hinduism and Jainism followers. The mountain has a revered standing in Hindu mythology, and it was this hill that was used for churning the ocean to extract the nectar from its bosom, Samudra Manthan.

    Also, adjacent to Mandar Parvat is a pond called "Paapharni". There is a small temple at the middle of the pond.

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  • 03Vikramshila University

    Vikramshila University was one of the two most important Buddhist learning centres in ancient India during the Pala dynasty. It had an equal footing along with Nalanda University in the domain of Buddhist learning.

    Vikramshila was established by King Dharmapala when he felt a decline in the quality of learning at Nalanda. The ruins of the ancient university are a sight of marvel as it is a huge square monastery with a stupa in the centre, a library building and a cluster of stupas. A Tibetan and a Hindu temple have also been excavated.

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  • 04Ajgaivinath Dham

    Ajgaivinath Dham

    Ajgaivinath temple commonly known as Gaibinath Mahadeo is one of the most important temple of Bhagalpur with the main deity worshipped being that of Lord Shiva. The existence of the temple is shrouded in mystery.

    Some believe it to be a “Swayambhu”. Ajgaivinath Dham is a very historic and sacred place. The temple is structured on the rock on which the deity is said to have appeared magically and has a series of inscriptions engraved on it.


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  • 05Maharshi Mehi Ashram

    Maharshi Mehi Ashram

    Maharshi Mehi Ashram is situated along the river side. Kuppaghat, Bhagalpur has grown into a sacred spiritual spot for thousands as Saint Maharishi spent many years in intense meditation on the inner light and sound at Kuppaghat along the banks of the Ganges near Bhagalpur in the state of Bihar. The followers of Maharshi Meh celebrate the occasion of Guru Purnima with great zest and vigour.

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  • 06Khanqah-e-Shahbazia


    Khangah-e-Shahbszia is one of the most sacred pilgrimage site for the Muslims from the time of Mughal era. It is located near Bhagalpur. The extensive library of Khangah-E-Shahbszia which includes Persian and Arabic books add to the beauty of it.

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  • 07Dargah Of Ghuran Sah Pir Baba

    Dargah Of Ghuran Sah Pir Baba

    Dargah of Ghuran sah Pir Baba located near the Kutchery Chowk is extremely popular among followers of various religions such as Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus. Every Friday, large numbers of people assemble here for the blessings of 'Peer Baba', who is believed to have mastered sacred powers.

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  • 08Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin Sanctuary

    Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin Sanctuary’s major attraction is the Gangetic Dolphins called Soons. The Soons have been declared as endangered. The Sanctuary provides safe abode to a rich diversity of other threatened aquatic wildlife such as freshwater turtles and 135 other species. The best time to visit here is October and June.

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  • 09Mount Mandara

    Mount Mandara is the name of a mountain which is an integral part of the Samudra Manthan mentioned in the Hindu Puranas. The Puranas have numerous references to various sacred places on the hill which is also believed to be the abode of god Krishna in his avatar of the destroyer.

    The major feature of the hill that is worth appreciating is that the mountain is not composed of fragmented stones but is one single structure. The hills abound in inscriptions, statues and many rock cut sculptures depicting Brahmanical images. The hill is important to Jains who believe that their 12th Tirthankara attained nirvana on the summit of the hill.

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  • 10Kuppaghat


    Kuppa signifies "cave or tunnel" and Ghat "a place on the river bank", which is located on the river Ganga’s bank. According to mythology a great Maharishi spent many months in the cave. The Kuppaghat has beautiful orchards and gardens showcasing paintings from the Ramayana. Many believe that Buddha inhabited the area in his previous birth.

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