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Belur Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Belur

  • 01Chennakesava Temple

    Tourists are recommended to visit Chennakesava Temple, one of the most beautiful shrines in Belur. This temple was built using soft soapstone and is dedicated to Chennakesava, an avatar of Lord Vishnu. The temple belongs to Hoysala period and consists of 48 carved pillars that showcase various designs.

    During the battle of Talakkad in 1117, this shrine was erected by Hoysala Vishnuvardhana in order to celebrate his conquest over the Cholas. Tourists can see sculptures of different episodes of Puranas, the Upanishads, elephants and tales of the Mahabharata and Ramayana. Apart from these, there are various Madanakai damsels' carvings and a variety of figures in Navaranga. Additionally, there are many other temples located inside the veranda.

    This temple comprises several sculptures that exhibit numerous varieties of ornaments, ceilings, animals, birds, doorways and other figures. Tourists can also see a Pushkarni or stepped well at the entrance of the temple. The entrance of the temple showcases Rayagopura that was raised during the Vijayanagar Empire days. Kappe Chennigaraya Temple and a small shrine devoted to Lakshmi are also located at the proximity of the temple.

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  • 02Darpana Sundari

    Darpana Sundari, also known as lady with the mirror, is one of the most beautiful attractions of Belur Temple, where tourists can visit if time permits. The sculpture is engraved on the walls of this renowned temple. Tourists can see several bracket figures that depict celestial nymphs or the figures of singing and dancing Madanikas at this temple. It is believed that the main inspiration of these sculptures is the magnificent beauty of Shantala Devi, the Queen of King Vishnuvardhana.

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  • 03Kappe Chennigaraya Temple

    Travellers are recommended to visit Kappe Chennigaraya Temple on their trip to Belur. Erected in Hoysala period by Shantala Devi, this small temple is located in the Veeranarayana Temple complex. Tourists can see beautiful and striking figures in the interior of this temple. Tourists can also see shrines that are dedicated to Veeranarayana, Soumyanayaki and Ranganayaki and Sridevi and Bhoodevi located in the vicinity.

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  • 04The Big Tank

    The Big Tank

    If time permits, tourists can visit The Big Tank, popular as Vishnu Samudra, on their trip to Belur. This tank was constructed at the time of Narasimha Raya under Padmarasa's supervision. This tank was erected during the period of Vijayanagara, called golden age. During Krishnadevaraya, Basappa Nayaka of Uttanahalli constructed the north end in a quadrangular shape and added few steps on all three sides. With the help of these stairs, people can easily go down and can use holy water for daily sacred purposes.

    He also constructed an Island Mantapam in the middle of the Pushkarani to celebrate holy float festival along with choultries.

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  • 05The Gravity Pillar

    Tourists should see The Gravity Pillar on their journey to Belur if time permits. This 42-feet-high pillar, also known as Mahasthambha or Kartika Deepotsava Stambha, is one of the prime attractions of Chennakesava Temple. There is no base to this pillar and it is positioned on a platform made of a single stone. It is said that this pillar is standing on three sides on its own weight and the fourth side has an unfilled gap. This pillar displays the excellence of architects during the Vijayanagara reign and has stature and stability.

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  • 06Veera Narayana Temple

    Veera Narayana Temple

    Travellers are recommended to visit Veera Narayana Temple, devoted to Veera Narayana or Lakshmi Narayana, on their trip to Belur. Built by the Hoysala Empire, this temple is located on the west side of Chennakesava Temple and is known for its artistic interiors and exteriors. This temple has two of shrines facing each other, placed on the both the sides of a spacious open mantapa (hall) comprising 37 bays.

    This small temple is placed on a raised platform and displays beautiful sculptures of Vaishnava on its exterior walls. The western side of outer wall is adorned with large and impressive figures of Vijayanarayana, Chenna Kesava and Lakshmi Narayana. Tourists can also see 59 large images of Bhima, Ganesha, Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma, Saraswati, Parvati and Bhairava.

    Tourists can also visit several small temples, such as Soumyanayaki, Kappe Chennigaraya and Andal, that are situated in proximity to Veera Narayana Temple.

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