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Barmer Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Barmer

  • 01Barmer Fort

    Barmer Fort

    Barmer Fort, located on top of a rocky hill, stands as the witness to many historical events. Despite being in a dilapidated condition, this fort has still not lost its pride and glory and continues to be a popular tourist attraction.

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  • 02Rani Bhatiani Temple

    Rani Bhatiani Temple

    Rani Bhatiani Temple, located on the Nakoda Balotra road in Jasol, is dedicated to Goddess Mata Rani Bhatiyani. The temple has been constructed using materials that originally belonged to a Jain temple of Khed. It also has many scriptures that were brought from Khed. The temple is famous for the miraculous blessings that are showered upon the followers by Goddess Mata Rani Bhatiyani. It is thronged by the devotees all through the year.

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  • 03Vishnu Temple

    Vishnu Temple

    Vishnu Temple of Ranchhodraiji, located at Khed, is known for its architectural splendour. The shrine has an image of Garuda (the eagle) at the gate which guards the complex. The temple is surrounded by crumbling walls from all sides, but nevertheless, the glory is not lost yet.

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  • 04Kiradu Ancient Temples

    Kiradu Ancient Temples are a group of five temples, located at a distance of around 39 km from the city of Barmer in Hathma village. It is evident from an inscription belonging to 1161 AD that Hathma was once called Kiratkoop and served as the capital of the Panwar dynasty.

    Among the five temples, Someshwara Temple is the largest. This temple was built in the 11th century and is devoted to Lord Shiva. A multi-turreted tower and sculptures of various Hindu gods and goddesses are present in this temple. The inner chamber of the temple has a figure of the god while the base of the shrine has a reversely curved lotus.

    The other four temples present here are dedicated to Vishnu and Shiva. Various scenes from the epic of Ramayana are carved in these temples and the walls contain figures of Apsaras and Vyalas.

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  • 05Chintamani Parasnath Jain Temple

    Chintamani Parasnath Jain Temple

    Chintamani Parasnath Jain Temple, built in the 12th century is dedicated to Parshvanath—a Jain Tirthankara. It stands mightily on a hilltop. The interiors of the temple boast of elegantly designed sculptures and decorative paintings. In addition, the rich glass inlays work on the inner walls, proudly presenting the expertise of their creators to the visitors.

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  • 06Devka Sun Temple

    Devka Sun Temple

    Devka Sun Temple is located in a small village of Devka at a distance of 235 km from Barmer. This 13th-century temple is known for its excellent architectural design and is a popular tourist attraction. Located very near to it is a Vishnu temple and two other temples with sculptures of Lord Ganesha on stone.

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  • 07Juna Jain Temple

    Juna Jain Temple

    Juna Jain Temple is a Jain temple built somewhere around the 12th or 13th centuries AD and is located at a place called Juna Barmer, beautifully nestled between mountain peaks. Juna Barmer was once a busy town, but with time, the people of this town migrated to other places. It is believed that it was those who emigrated formed the now existing Barmer.

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  • 08Nakoda Temple

    Nakoda Temple

    Nakoda Temple, also called Parshvanath Temple, is among the main centres of Jain pilgrimage in India. The temple has a figure of the Jain saint Parshvanath made of black stone. The shrine, which is located at a height of 1500 feet on the Jodhpur-Barmer road, is believed to have been built by two brothers, Nakorsen and Veersen, during the third century.

    The idol was installed by His Holiness Jain Acharya Sthulibhadra Suri. However, during the invasion of Alamshah in 1224 AD, the Jain Sangha kept the idol in hiding in Kalidarh which, was reinstalled in 1373 AD as the main deity. It is believed that the Parsvanatha Jain Temple originally was a temple dedicated to Mahavira. There are also Jain temples dedicated to Rishabhadeva and Shantinath here.

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  • 09Safed Akhara

    Safed Akhara

    Safed Akhara is a garden located within the complex of Siddheshwar Mahadev Temple, very near to Barmer. This place has facilities for cooking and temporary accommodation.

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  • 10Mahaveer Park

    Mahaveer Park

    Mahaveer Park, located in Barmer district, is a beautifully laid out park famous especially for a museum displaying ancient carved statues.

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  • 11Meva Nagar

    Meva Nagar

    Meva Nagar is a 12th century village which was once called by the name Viranipur. The hamlet, which is located on the slopes of a hill called Nagar-Ki-Bhakaria is only 9 km from Balotra in Barmer district. In addition to three Jain temples that are present here, there is also a Vishnu temple located in this village. Of the three Jain temples, the biggest one is devoted to Nakoda Parsvanath.

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  • 12Neemari


    Neemari is a garden located at a distance of 23 km from Barmer on the Chauhan route. A swimming pool present here adds to the scenic beauty of the place.

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