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Baga Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Baga

  • 01Cafe Tito's

    Housed on what is now known as the famous Tito’s lane in the Baga vicinity is one of Goa’s best night places, crowd, food, alcohol and music. Ask anyone around the Baga area about where to head for a decent party, and the reply in most cases is quick, Tito’s.

    Notwithstanding the fact that the famous Tito’s lane has various bars, night places and pool parlours that are all well rated, one just has to visit the mother ship!

    Don’t get let down by the steep entry fee, pitched at 1500 bucks, and sometimes Tito’s might not allow stags. Once you get in you are greeted by amazingly energetic music, very comfortable temperature and an A La Carte Menu to die for. What’s better, the entry fee you paid gets you unlimited alcohol.

    Some may argue the brands are very basic, but hey, 1500 bucks for all you can drink booze is completely worth it now, isn’t it? The crowd at Café Tito’s is a mix of all ethnicities, which is enjoyable.

    The club features high ceilings and feels very roomy with its multiple levels. It does tend to get a little crowded on the weekends, but nothing the place can’t handle. Also, the in-house security is more than competent to handle large crowds.

    Tito’s also features Celebrity DJs now and then. Now here’s the real downside; the discotheque is reserved for people who are willing to pay an additional fee. It isn’t much at 300 bucks for couples, but it still doesn’t go down to well with many patrons.

    Nevertheless, no complaints on the quality of service once you’re in. The Tito’s lane is crowded on weekends, so you might want to find yourself a parking spot away from the lane. Furthermore, try not to take a cab and be mobile. The Tito’s lane is just a walk down from the Baga Cafe Coffee Day and once you’re in the lane, Tito’s itself is hard to miss!

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  • 02St. Anthonys Karaoke Shack

    St. Anthonys Karaoke Shack

    St. Anthony's Karaoke Shack is located just a few steps away from the legendary Brittos beach shack on Baga. It hasn’t been the most famous of places for a while, but off late it seems to have acquired a decent fan following especially among large groups.

    It’s a very roomy, large shack with a beach top and indoor seating facility. What’s unique about the indoor setup is how all the patrons party together while singing 60s and 70s tunes, even recent ones, over a karaoke session.

    St Anthony’s Karaoke Shack is truly representative of the energy Goa has to offer. The food here is to die for especially their selection of fish curries. The drinks are very well priced, much cheaper than next door neighbour and giant Brittos. Service, as in all joints at Goa, is a little slow, but the cheap alcohol and the availability of an array of hookahs more than makes up for it.

    The restaurant also features a large bar table setup, for stags and patrons who’re just there for a drink and some great music. Getting to St. Anthony’s Karaoke Shack is simple. Ask a cab to bring you to Brittos at Baga, or if you’re riding, ask for directions. If you can’t find Brittos just get to the Café Coffee Day or Tito’s lane at Baga and walk straight up north till you reach Britto’s, you can’t miss St. Anthony’s from there.

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  • 03Kamaki


    Interestingly so, Kamaki, means hustler in Greek. Well, rest assured, one would be fortunate to get hustled into paying the 500 bucks it costs to get into Kamaki on the Tito’s lane in the Baga vicinity of North Goa.

    Flanked by many other night clubs including the famous Café Titos and Mambos, Kamaki is one of the relatively smaller joints on the Tito’s lane, but boy does it pack a lot of value. To start with, unlike the bigger night clubs, Kamaki offers a more street side like experience with 2 zones.

    The patio outside is great for a game of pool while enjoying Cricket, Soccer or Formula 1 on the two large LCDs. The indoor zone features a standard bar table with dance floor setup. The drinks and food are fairly well priced, and one must try the various Greek and Mediterranean offerings on the menu.

    Kamaki features some very competent bouncers, so trouble generally stays a mile away. It’s open from 6 pm to 6 am and can be accessed by cab from all parts of Goa. Now and then Kamaki features live DJs spinning, and they play a mix of Techno and Hip Hop.

    The crowd is one of many ethnicities, and Kamaki offers a true cosmopolitan party experience. One must make it a point to park at a convenient location, since the Tito’s lane is closed to traffic most of the times, especially on weekends.

    Two wheelers, however, are permitted. Don’t forget to ask for your entry fee to be adjusted against the bill. In case Mediterranean food isn’t your thing, have a drink or two at Kamaki and head over to Domino’s Pizza that’s just next door!

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  • 04Cafe Mambos

    Cafe Mambos

    Mambos is the last stop down the famous Tito’s lane at Baga. Even though, this lane is flanked with nightclubs, bars and pool parlours, one can’t help but make their way down to the end to witness what is one of Goa’s most famous nightclubs that undoubtedly plays good music.

    The entry fee to Mambos is cheap at 500 bucks for a couple and 800 bucks for stags, but bear in mind the club does not offer cover on the entry fee, you buy your food and alcohol inside. Furthermore, and very surprisingly so, Mambos doesn’t accept cards, so make sure you go in with enough cash.

    Unlike other clubs in Goa, Mambos offers an A La Carte dinner menu that’s just as good as their alcohol and cocktails. Don’t forget to try their authentic Goan pork preparations. It’s a pleasant experience dining here since the dance floor, and the restaurant are placed separately.

    Security is relatively tight in all zones, so no monkey business and anything that isn’t a standard cigarette is a strict no-no. Owing to the cheap entry, don’t expect the best of crown, in fact, it may turn a little rowdy sometimes, but the security handles the situation more than well.

    Bar tables are conveniently located at more than 3 locations, and fast food joints outside serve the inside of Mambos as well, so they’re well stocked. On most days the dance floor is packed!

    Getting to Mambos is simple enough, get a cab to Baga and ask for the Tito’s lane. On a busy night, traffic into the Tito’s lane is stopped so you might have to get off and walk, which is OK as one can check out the various other bars along the way. Its best to have your own ride though.

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  • 05Cape Town Cafe

    Cape Town Cafe

    Enter the world of the true low cost night club on the Tito’s lane. Much like brands like Ibis or ETap, Cape Town Café is backed by a solid ownership brand, the legendary Tito’s Café. Located in the famous Tito’s lane at Baga, the tall ceilings, huge LCD screens, loud music and amazing Goan food is hard to miss.

    Unlike other night clubs in the lane, this one’s amazingly affordable, and open to a much larger array of crowd. One might argue that it isn’t a place you’d want to end up at with your dad, but well, all in all, it’s a good place for the middle aged traveller to kick back and relax.

    Patrons swear by the food, and it’s one of the only night clubs that features an in-house boutique called Curves for some casual designer shopping. One can shop for swim suits, tops and accessories. The restaurant on the outside features wooden tables, ideal for a meal with a bunch of friends or family.

    Furthermore, it’s important to add, Cape Town Café is one of the only places in the lane that serves beers as cheap as 70 bucks. Also, worth mentioning is the Tandoori Lamb preparation which seems to have caught the attention of a lot of patrons.

    Being backed by Tito’s management, the bouncers are very competent and usually make sure it’s a trouble free environment. For the most part of the week, there is no entry charge although they might just levy one on Indians on the weekends.

    Fair skinned Indians just might get away, as do foreigners which isn’t altogether the done thing! Couple of things to keep in mind while visiting Cape Town, get there early! Patrons usually have a tendency of occupying tables early in the night and tend to not leave for a long time.

    Also, make sure you find yourself a sweet parking spot since they do not have a valet service. On some days, the cops might just not allow traffic into the lane, in which case it’s a short walk from Café Coffee Day at Baga.

    Owing to the crowd, don’t expect the fastest service, be patient and enjoy the live DJ. If you’ve got a few extra bucks to part with, you might want to get yourself a table in the VIP section which adds to the charm.

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  • 06Club Ivy

    DJ Pierre has been making news off late, and Club Ivy, a relatively new addition to the Tito’s lane has him on board as their in-house DJ. Club Ivy is all about the music! Possibly the best looking club on the street, one is immediately attracted to the loud music and the touts at the entrance yelling free entry.

    And it’s every bit worth the claim. It’s one of the only places in Baga that offers free entry all days of the week. Club Ivy opens at 8 pm and features an exterior cocktail bar for just a casual drink or two, ideal for someone who’s in Goa for just a night and is pub hopping in the Tito’s lane. And that’s a lot a places to hop to!

    DJ Pierre plays a decent mix of R & B, and the giant screen plays live matches or formula one. Getting to Ivy is easy enough, it is located just at the mouth of the Tito’s lane and parking isn’t hard to find even on a crowded day since it isn’t much of a walk.

    To get to Club Ivy from other parts of Goa, all you need to ask for is the Tito’s lane in Baga. Word of advice; if you’re hungry and desire some tandoori food, you might want to hop over to this very famous tandoori take away joint not too far from Club Ivy, beside Cafe Coffee Day in Baga.

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  • 07Cafe Del Mar Beach Bar And Club

    Cafe Del Mar Beach Bar And Club

    Bamboo styling, a typical outdoor feel and based on a model from nowhere else but Ibiza, Café Del Mar Beach Bar and Club has it all! Undoubtedly one of the most happening party places in south Goa, south of both Margao and Panjim this relatively large resort cum restaurant cum night club is situated on Palolem Beach.

    Cafe Del Mar is a full-fledged resort, and while it’s one of the most picturesque places to be based at during your vacation here, and one must if they can, the night is a different story. Partygoers from all over south and north Goa flock to Café Del Mar to enjoy the true beach experience it has to offer with its artificially elevated bamboo sundecks and a view to die for no matter where you are.

    The beach shack serves some very well priced alcohol and Café Del Mar is one of the only places in South Goa that has a late license which allows it to have the party going till the wee hours of the morning.

    Café Del Mar’s restaurant can set up a beachside barbecue for you while you enjoy the amazing music and order cocktails till you’re ready to hit the dance floor. Being relatively well spaced out, the dance floor can accommodate many and is generally not all that crowded.

    All said and done, Café Del Mar is more than just a nightclub, it’s an entertainment zone for all age groups and adds pace and energy to a relatively slow south Goa. Getting there is simple, get a cab from the airport, Vasco or Margao. Head south beyond Colva beach and ask around for Palolem Beach.

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