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    If you’re the kind who loves to party, party hard enough to leave you wondering what you did last night, Paradiso is the place for you. Situated in the Anjuna and Vagator beach area in north Goa a little north of Baga, this place is famous or as some put it notorious for its crazy alcohol concoctions and cigarettes that have anything but tobacco in them!

    It’s true, Paradiso while on the cop’s radar 24/7 is probably one of Goa’s naughtiest clubs with a primarily western crowd. The authorities have tried to shut this place down, even demolish it once, but it’s still active and still a fun place! Four levels make up this huge night club with several bars and a terrace cum patio leading onto Anjuna beach.

    Each of the levels offer a view of the beach better than the other, and the place is patronized by some of the leading DJs of the world. The main level features a huge LED lit statue of Lord Shiva that tells tales of a possible hippie angle to the club.

    Aside from all the controversy, Paradiso is a place well worth visiting, if not for the grey areas, the view and the loud, energetic percussive music. Head over to Paradiso by heading north from Baga. Ask around for Vagator or Anjuna beach. Getting there by cab is possible but your own vehicle is the best bet.

    Paradiso is located right at the beginning of Anjuna beach, suspended over a cliff. It’s a huge clay like construction that cannot be missed.

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