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Marthanda Varma Bridge, Aluva

Marthanda Varma Bridge as the name indicates is built by the great Travancore king Marthanda Varma Ilayaraja who is regarded as the founder of modern Travancore. To promote trade and business between nearby Kingdoms, the bridge was constructed during the period of 1940-42. The Marthanda Varma Bridge is known as the lifeline of the inhabitants of Aluva since then.

The bridge is strategically built above the river Periyar offering the tourists a panoramic view of the city. The bridge which has 5.5 carriage way was regarded as one of the most important landmarks of Aluva. Since the bridge can’t meet the modern day heavy traffic needs, a similar bridge was built parallel to the original one. The new bridge was opened to the public in June 2002, and it reflects the industrial growth of Aluva.

Marthanda Varma Bridge Photos