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  • 01Patum Bridge

    Patum Bridge

    Patum Bridge is located on the Yomgo river. It is a cable bridge for vehicle transportation and a way for people to easily commute. It is also an important tourist attraction in Along as one can have a magnificent view of the entire city from the bridge.

    At night, the bridge looks beautiful as it gleams with lights. Behind the bridge, an enticing view of the mountains covered with snow soothes the eyes.

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  • 02Hanging Bridges

    Hanging Bridges

    The bridges are made of ropes and bamboos and appear like they are hanging. These small bridges are made for the local people to easily access one point from another. These are 60 m to 70 m in length and connect the tribal people to the other hilly areas of the region.

    Fishing is one of the activities that can be enjoyed at the spot.

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  • 03Mechuka

    The blue mountain valleys and the dense green forests of Mechuka are home to the Memba tribe. It is a popular tourist destination and is famous for its scenic beauty and its Buddhist monastery. The Buddhist monastery is 400 years old and has many precious Buddhist scriptures and books preserved in its library. It is located in the western part of Along and is known as Samten Yongcha. It is one of the oldest Buddhist monasteries. Mechuka has a number of ancient statues.

    The beautiful Mechuka Lake is surrounded by lush greenery and offers a pleasant view of the enchanting beauty of Mother Nature. The Siom river flows through the pristine valleys of Mechuka. Mechuka is just 29 km away from the India-China border. Adi tribe or the people of Ramo reside in this region. The nearest airport is Lilabari Airport.

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  • 04Akashiganga


    Akashiganga is a sacred place located near Along. It is a water channel in the mountains. It is said that this is the place where Parvati's head had fallen when it was cut by Vishnu at Shiva's refusal to get separated from her.

    This place is considered as a sacred and holy pithasthan where Hindus take a holy dip in the sacred water pool. There is a sacred kund here too. A beautiful view of the river Brahmaputra can be seen flowing below the hills. Devotees visit here throughout the year.

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  • 05River Rafting

    River Rafting

    Rivers Siyom and Sipu running through Along provide a great opportunity for the adventure lovers to do river rafting. Both the rivers meet the main river Brahmaputra later. It is also referred to as white-water rafting. The natural course of the river and the topography of the region makes it an ideal river rafting spot.

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  • 06Malinithan


    Malinithan is an archaeological site situated near the Assam and Arunachal Pradesh border near the foothills of Siang. The ruins of the Durga temple of 14th and 15th centuries have been excavated at the site. Many granite sculptures of different deities, floral and animals motifs have been found at the site. It is considered as a holy place and a large number of devotees come to worship here.

    A famous legend in Hindu mythology is associated with this place. It is said that Rukmani was taken away by Lord Krishna before her marriage and was welcomed by Parvati with a garland. Parvati was named as Sucharu Malini by Lord Krishna and hence, the place is named after her as Malinithan. It is 150 km away from Along.

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  • 07Donyi Polo Temple

    Donyi Polo Temple

    Donyi Polo Temple was started by Talom Rukbo in the year 1989. It is a centre for worshipping the sun and the moon. Out of 400 centres or deres in Arunachal Pradesh, it is one of the centres which propagates the ancient religion Donyi Poloism.

    It has a mediation room and a prayer hall too.

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