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Ahmedabad Weather

Other than the monsoon season, the climate is extremely dry. January is mildly cold due to the cold northerly winds.


The summer climate of Ahmedabad is extremely dry. March to June are the months of summer. The average minimum temperature is 27 C or 81F and the average maximum temperature is 41 C or 106F. Due to the increasing air pollution the temperature nowadays is usually on the higher side making it a bit uncomfortable for the tourists.


Monsoon is generally humid due to the south-west summer monsoon winds and experiences heavy rainfall with an average annual rainfall of 800 millimeters /31in. June to September is the duration of the monsoon.


November to February are the months of Winter. Due to the cool Northerly winds winter especially the month of January is a bit chilly. These months have a soothing climate and are very conducive for traveling making it the peak travel season for Ahmedabad.