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Native Planet opens up to detailed information on all aspects of travel, a discerning traveller would stretch to know. Coming under the umbrella of the family of Greynium Information Technologies Pvt Ltd, it is an attempt to cater to the quest of a traveller. You basically have a wanderlust and you are ever ready to set off to explore the world? Whether it is a city your ears have always got accustomed to or a place which is emerging to unravel its travel potential, Native Planet attempts to take you to the nook and corner of the globe .


A thorough travel guide


Whether it is a planned trip or a sudden venture, you could count on Native Planet for quick and easy planning with an ease to access more than the necessary information that you need to wrap up before setting off on a trip.


It is all out here-the answers to your important travel queries,


  • “What is it that I need to know about the place that I venture to travel?”
  • “What is the striking aspect of that place?”
  • “What should I must visit there?”
  • “When should I visit?”
  • “How do I reach there?”


“What are the internal modes of conveyance?”

“What is the culture, food, language of that place?” etc to start with


It is still not over.... You can check out the weather of the place that you are to travel on the very day of your trip, the weather condition during the days of your stay, look into Native Planet for driving directions etc in the course of your travel; you always can and will get back to gain access to more information for your future travel prospects on Native Planet.


Why Native Planet?


So why again Native Planet? The 'No Pain, No Gain' aspect does not hold true if you are with us. You get all the travel information simply with EASE. So just stay with us and you get a bigger and a better bite of travel as we nurture on the path of being your co-traveller.

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