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Vankhosung, Wokha


If you want to witness the seeds of Christianity in Wokha you need to visit Vankhosung which is located about 4 kilometres from the Wokha town. This place is situated on the north of the Wokha town and on the foothill of the legendary Mount Tiyi. Here you will come across the mission compound of Kyon Baptist Ekhumkho Sanrhyütsü (KBES). The first American Baptist Mission activity started from this very place in 1923 which makes it very important for the Christians in Wokha.

Kyon Baptist Ekhumkho Sanrhyütsü is involved in a lot of activities such as education and healthcare in Vankhosung and has already started work working on a college for the people of this area. Vankhosung is a scenic place with mountain peaks, valleys and greenery all around. Visiting this place gives you a chance to interact with the people and know more about their life culture and beliefs.

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