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Mir Jumla’s Tomb, West Garo Hills


Mir Jumla's Tomb is located at Rangapani, near Mancachar in Garo Hills. The tomb is located on a small hillock and has been maintained by the local Muslim associations for over centuries. The tomb reflects a remarkably long grave which bears witness to how huge a man Mir-Jumla was.

Mir Jumla was an extra-ordinary Mughal General, and was appointed as the Governor of Bengal by Emperor Aurangzeb. Shortly thereafter, Mir Jumla raised an attack on Assam as the head of a huge army, to conquer one of the local rulers who had captured some of the Mughal territory on the Bengal frontier.

Mir Jumla had gained considerable success in the initial parts, but soon the difficult routes and the malaria-infested climate started to change things for the Mughal army. Eventually, it forced Mir Jumla to return with his men without having fully conquered the territory of Assam.

Yet, before the brave General could set foot on the lands of Bengal, he was too run down by malaria, which eventually led to his death. Mir Jumla's Tomb is at a place called Rangapani, 40 kilometres from Tura. To reach this place, one may choose to hire a tourist vehicle from Tura.

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