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Kata Beel, West Garo Hills


Kata Beel, a large placid pond surrounded by palm trees in Garo hills is a great spot for fishing, angling and picnics. The scenic pond is located near Nogorpara village, about 70 kilometres away from Tura, precisely on the Tura-Garobadha-Ampatigiri-Mahendraganj road. Legend has it the pond was dug and constructed at the order of Lengta raja of the Garos.

Traditionally, the term Kata Beel quite simple means ‘Kata’- cut and “Beel”- lake. Picnickers especially flock the place on sultry summer months. The still waters cradled in the concave depression perfectly reflects the sky above, making it seem as if the skies have come down to the earth, creating a great spectacle.

Kata beel covers a hectare of land which is surrounded by plantations of palms. It is currently being maintained and looked over by the Garo Baptist Church and are also responsible for the auctioning of the fishing rights, the proceeds of which are used in the maintenance of the pond.

The best and most feasible way to get to Kata Beel is to book a private cab from Shillong or taking the regular transport buses that are available from Guwahati-Tura or Shillong-Tura.

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