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Thousand Pillared temple, Warangal

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The Thousand Pillared Temple is a historic Hindu Temple where the residing deities comprise of Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and Lord Surya. The Kakatiya King, Rudra Deva built the Temple in 1163 A.D and the religious construction gets its name due to it being made out of a thousand pillars, all elaborately carved. Impressive doorways, the aforementioned pillars and ceilings with inscriptions make the Temple another one of Warangal’s popular destinations. The presence of the Hanumakonda hills in the background adds to the visual beauty of the Temple. A huge Nandi Bull placed at its entrance is believed to have been carved out of a highly polished black basalt monolith.

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The Thousand Pillared Temple is by and large considered to be the pinnacle of the Kakatiyan style of architecture and ranks among the oldest Temples in South India.



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