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Radha Gokulananda Temple, Vrindavan


The Radha Gokulananda Temple located between the Kesi Ghat and the Radha-Raman temple is an ancient, holy shrine dedicated to a variety of Hindu deities. The beautiful temple enshrines the Radha, Vijaya Govinda among many others. In the old days all the deities represented here were worshipped separately. However, once Vishwanath Chakavarti had the temple built, the deities were kept together.

Vrindavan photos, Radha Gokulananda Temple - Idols of Radha & Krishna
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The temple complex also houses the samadhis of Narottama Dasa and Ganganarayana within the same courtyard. Although the temple is simple compared to the other elaborate structures built in the ancient times, it still holds its own significance.

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