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Gadarmal temple, Vidisha


The Gadarmal Temple situated about 84 kilometre away from Vidisha but can be accessed from the city of Vidisha with ease. There are regular buses available from Vidisha to Pathari, connecting the travelers to the Gadarmal Temple. The town of Pathari itself has the ruins of many other medieval temples among which Gadarmal holds utmost importance. The temple is visible from a long distance due to his enormous height.

The temple looks like a two part structure since it has two different basements. Moreover, the two different basements appear to belong to two different periods. The temple is believed to belong to the 9th century AD. It is believed that a lot of heterogeneous pieces from the ruins of Jain and Hindu Temples in the surroundings were used to build this temple. The Gadarmal Temple has an entrance porch without a main hall for prayers. This temple is reminiscent to the Teli ka Mandir in Gwalior city. This temple is encompassed by seven other shrines in ruins.


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