The Prag Mahal - and - Aina Mahal in Bhuj

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The Prag Mahal and Aina Mahal are major landmarks in the city of Bhuj in Kutch district, State of Gujarat, India.

The Prag Mahal was commissioned by King Pragmalji in 1860. Designed by Colonel Henry Saint Wilkins in the Italian Gothic style, the palace is situated in the heart of Bhuj. The palace made of Italian marble and sandstone from Rajasthan is embellished with carved stonework.

The Aina Mahal or Hall of Mirrors was built in 1761 by Rao Lakhpatji of Gujarat. Designed by Ram Singh Malam, the palace is a blend of Indo European style. The palace was damaged in the 2001 earthquake but the government restored the remaining portions of the Aina Mahal.

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