Sonbhandar Caves- Rajgir- Bihar

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Sonbhandar Caves, a set of two caves is situated in Rajgir city, Bihar state in India. It is located on the north west of the Maniyar Mutt. It is believed that there is a treasure house of gold in this place and if one can read the inscriptions engraved here, the door to it will open.

The western cave contains a doorway and a window in its southern wall. The second or the eastern cave stands on the lower base than the west. But both of the caves were excavated at the same time.

Inside the cave on the southern wall, there are six small figures of Jain Theerthankaras including Padmaprabha, Parswanatha and Mahavira. Lots of tourists often visit this historic place and those who come here never forget to feed monkeys which is a very exciting and thrilling experience.

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