Raghurajpur - the heritage village of Orissa

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Raghurajpur, a small village near Puri, is the rural capital of Orissa known for its art and craft. The village, where every family is engaged in some craft or the other, is perhaps the only one of its kind in the country.rnrnThe picturesque village used to be known primarily for its Patachitra paintings on dried palm leaves.

Today, it is a popular tourist destination for its wealth of arts and crafts including the Talapatachitra or palm leaf engravings, stone carvings, papier mache toys and masks, wood carvings, wooden toys, cow-dung toys, tusser paintings, golden grass coir, bell metal work and inscriptions of poetry on pieces of treated cloth, dried palm leaf or paper,rnrnIt is also famous for its traditional dance, the Gotipua, the precursor to the classical dance of Odissi, and for being the place that produces the patas the painted palm leaves, used under the throne of Lord Jagannath during the famous annual Rath Yatra festival.

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