Jewel in the ages of Time

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India is home to numerous World Heritage Sites that stand testimony to the glorious history and tradition of this country. Since time immemorial, India has been considered as a mosaic of different beliefs, faiths, doctrines and cultures. All these get reflected in the incredible monuments and heritage centres that are spread all over the country.

The major monuments of India, invariably, are underpinned by the strong bedrocks of religion. Varanasi in north, the oldest city in the world and the Mahabalipuram temples in south showcase Hindu philosophies and ideologies. The Buddhist temples in the northeast actualized a new mode in architectural and iconographic features.

The fine arts, especially architecture, made tremendous progress during the Mughal rule in India which culminated in the Taj Mahal, the magnificent marble structure on the banks of the river Yamuna. With the coming of colonialism gothic trends crept into the Indian architecture.

The remarkable history of Indian architectural heritage illustrates the perfect blend of many cultures and ages that endure even today.

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