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Sarkara Devi Temple, Varkala

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Sarkara Devi Temple is a major pilgrim destination in Kerala. The presiding deity worshipped here is Goddess Bhadrakali. The idol is positioned towards the north. The roof of the temple is covered with bronze, and the interior is in rectangular shape. Countless sculptures of Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Durga, Lord Ganapathy, Lord Vishnu, Narasimhamoorthi and several other important deities ornate the second storey. The popular festivals of Sarkara Devi Temple are Kaliyoot and Meenabharani.

Varkala photos, Sarkara Devi Temple - Kaliyoot Festival
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There is a legend associated with the Sarkara Devi Temple: Long ago, the place where this temple stands was thinly populated. A group of merchants who trade jaggery was passing by this place. They saw a roadside shelter and decided to halt for some time. When they resumed their journey they found that one of their jaggery pots cannot be moved. As they tried to lift it, the pot cracked. The jaggery flowed out and miraculously there was an idol. Later, an old woman who saw the idol and intimated the villagers about the miracle. The villagers built a shrine and installed the idol inside the shrine. Since the deity manifested from jiggery, Malyalam word Sarkara, the deity became popular as Sarkara Devi.

The popular festivals of Sarkara Devi Temple are Kaliyoot and Meenabharani.


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