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Vaishali Tourism - An Ode to Buddha

Vaishali has a strong historical footing. The city of Vaishali comes across as beautiful village surrounded by banana and mango groves and rice fields.Vaishali tourism has been known for the amazing Buddhist sites it possesses.

Vaishali photos, Ananda Stupa - Stupa near to the Pillar
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The city of Vaishali shall always be a cherished as a chapter of one's travel memory. Talking about the history, Vaishali has its roots in Ramayana and Mahabharata, and is named after King Vishal. Even before Lord Mahavira was born, the city served as the capital of Licchavi state.

The place has deep spiritual significance for the fact that it belonged republic of Vaishali where Lord Mahavira took birth. Lord Buddha made the place memorable in more than one way. Vaishali after the hundred years of Buddha’s enlightenment hosted the second great Buddhist council.

Many historians accord the city as the status of being the world’s first republic that evolved with an elected body of representatives as early as 6th century B.C. Vaishali served as a an eminent hub trade. A life size-pillar erected besides a brick stupa at Kolhua commemorates Buddha's final sermon and proclamation of his forthcoming nirvana.

Tourist Places in and around Vaishali

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Vaishali Tourism is unfathomable from the standpoints of religion, culture and archeology. The places which are the cornerstones of Vaishali tourism are Ashokan pillar, Buddha Stupa, Kundalpur, Raj Vishal ka Garh, Coronation Tank, Buddhi Mai, Ramchaura,Vaishali Museum, World Peace Pagoda etc.

Vaishali is well known for Vaishali Mahotsava, which celebrates Lord Mahavira’s birthday, and the Sonepur fair which is held 35km away from the city. Other distinguishing features of Vaishali Tourism are the remarkable Madhubani paintings, stone sculptures and local handicrafts.

These arts and crafts are appreciated by all visitors alike and can be easily purchased from authentic village shops. The local crafts of Vaishali are home made toys and lac bangles. The “Sikki work” of Vaishali is a true accomplishment of craftsmanship, in which grass is used to weave beautiful baskets and mats by hand.The fresh juicy litchis of Vaishali are a treat for the taste buds.

How to reach Vaishali

Vaishali can be reahed via road, rail and air as the city is well connected by all the three mediums. The most commendable quality of Vaishali tourism is that it maintains a healthy connection with its plentiful heritage sites which tourists can witness.

Best time to visit Vaishali

The city has got a tropical climate and hence the best time to enjoy Vaishali tourism is from October to March. Thirty-five kms from Vaishali is the Lychee Capital of India, Muzzafapur.

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