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Nillai Tea Estate, Ukhrul


Nillai Tea Estate is located in the second biggest town of Ukhrul district- Talui, (which is also spelled as Tolloi). The tea estate specialises in green tea and is hugely popular too. With greenery all around, the Nillai Tea Estate is fast becoming a popular tourist destination.

The tea grown here is hand-plucked and sun dried enriching the medicinal qualities of the tea leaves. The natural processing is highly valued by the locals and is becoming a hit in the market too. The unique feature of the tea grown here is that the real flavour comes out after it is boiled a second time.

Apart from the natural processing method and the unique medicinal value of the tree, the greenery all around is a treat to the eyes. While visiting the tea estate, one will cross the beautiful township of Talui which is 120 kilometres from Ukhrul town.


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