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Vedha Shala, Ujjain

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Vedha Shala is the famous observatory of Ujjain that has been built by Maharaja Sawai Raj Jaisingh of Jaipur in the year 1719. It is true that Ujjain was one of the centres of astronomical studies in ancient India. The calendar in Northern India is known as the Panchang, and it is made based on the calculations made at Ujjain. It is on the south-eastern part of the town where the observatory lies, and the observatory consists of four monuments.

Ujjain photos, Vedha Shala - An Observatory.
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The observatory houses a planetarium and a telescope and is considered as a hot spot for tourists. The third monument among the four is known as the Dignasha Yantra and the positions of the stars, and planets are calculated with the help of this monument.

The sun dial is very famous in this observatory as the instrument is used mainly for finding out the declination of any kind of celestial body from the celestial equator.


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