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Kal Bhairav, Ujjain

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The Kal Bhairav Temple situated in the temple town of Ujjain is one of the finest examples of the ancient Hindu culture. It is said that the temple is associated with the cult of tantra. The Kal Bhairav is believed to be one of the fierce manifestations of Lord Shiva. The temple is the sacred place for hundreds of devotees who visit the place on a daily basis and one can easily spot Sadhus with ash-smeared bodies around the temple premises. There are beautiful lamp stands in the temple. In the temple premises, there is a banyan tree, and under that tree there is a Shivalinga.

Ujjain photos, Kal Bhairav - Holy Shrine of Shiva.
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The Shivalinga is located just opposite to the statue of Nandi, the bull. A lot of myth is associated with this temple. There is a belief among the devotees that one who wishes something from the core of their heart always gets their result fulfilled. A massive fair takes place on the temple ground on the auspicious day of Mahashivaratri.


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