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Hattiangadi- Siddhi Vinayaka Temple, Udupi


Sri Siddhi Vinayaka Temple at Hattiyangadi dates back to 8th century. This temple is in Kundapur Taluk and houses the idol of Lord Vinayak. This historical place is a famous pilgrimage centre for Hindus all around the country. This temple is near the River Varahi. It is the only idol in India where Lord Vinayaka is seen having jata-hair. The idol with 2.5 feet height is made in saligrama stone.

The lord's trunk is bent towards the left. Special poojas are offered to the lord on various occasions. The title Siddhi is bestowed on the lord since he is believed to grant his devotees wish.

Hattiangadi is just 8 km northeast to Kundapur. You can go to Hattiangadi only after getting to Udupi. After reaching Udupi travel towards Kundapur and from there to Murudeswara. After travelling about 9 kilometres in this road take a right turn and you will reach this divine temple.

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