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Udayagiri Weather

With the onset of winter in the month of October, there is an increase in momentum in Udayagiri tourism. Several Hindu festivals add to the heavy influx of tourists during this time. The weather remains very pleasant for all tourist activities. The winter season is the best time to visit Udayagiri.

Live Weather Forecast
Udayagiri,Odisha 22 ℃ Patchy rain possible
Wind: 4 from the SSE Humidity: 96% Pressure: 1004 mb Cloud Cover: 45%
5 Days weather forecast
Day Outlook Max Min
Tuesday 22 Aug 32 ℃89 ℉ 22 ℃ 72 ℉
Wednesday 23 Aug 31 ℃89 ℉ 23 ℃ 73 ℉
Thursday 24 Aug 32 ℃89 ℉ 23 ℃ 74 ℉
Friday 25 Aug 33 ℃92 ℉ 24 ℃ 74 ℉
Saturday 26 Aug 32 ℃90 ℉ 18 ℃ 65 ℉

Summer months are April, May and June. Temperature ranges from 22° to 42° Celsius. Though traveling during this time is not restricted, continuous spell of heat waves makes travelling quite uneasy. Tourists are advised to carry ample of sunscreen lotion and umbrella with them.


South-east monsoon arrives with great relief in late June and stays till September. Rainfall is moderate and climate turns out to be very pleasant. But then again tourism at this time is not advisable because some nearby places get submerged under flood creating communication problems between different parts of places.


Winter is the most awaited season in the entire Odisha. Winter season starts from October and remains till March. In Udayagiri temperature can fall to around 7° Celsius. Bone crackling cold waves prevail during these three months. Traveling in Udayagiri during this time can be a charming experience if you carry ample woolen clothes.