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Nazrul Granthagar, Udaipur-Tripura


The Nazrul Granthagar is a famous national library in Udaipur. It is named after the famous Bengali poet, Kazi Nazrul Islam. The national library is a storehouse of all kinds of books ranging from fiction to non-fiction.

Udaipur-Tripura photos, Nazrul Granthagar - Structure of Nazrul Granthagar
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The Nazrul Granthagar stands as a tall reminder of the cultural richness of the Manikya dynasty and also the importance of books and literature for the people of Tripura. Though today it seems to be tucked away in one of the lanes of Udaipur, quite far from the capital city of Agartala, a large number of people, especially students and scholars visit the library regularly.

For tourists who fancy reading up more about the local culture of a place, Nazrul Granthagar is the place to be in. Housing thousands of books, the national library is one of its kind. Since it is named after the famous poet, a large section of books is dedicated to him too.

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