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Serene, Pristine and Arresting!! 5 Virgin beaches in Karnataka that are less popular

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Published: Friday, December 9, 2016, 19:00 [IST]
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What comes to your mind when you think of serene and tranquil beaches? Goa, maybe! But how many of you are aware of the tranquil stretches that adorn the kaleidoscopic landscape of Karnataka? Let's take a look at 5 of the virgin beaches in Karnataka. These are some of the exotic beaches of Karnataka that are pristine and lesser known.

5 Virgin beaches in Karnataka

Someshwar beach

5 Virgin beaches in Karnataka!

PC : Niyant Dalal

Located in Ullal at the confluence of the Netravati River and the Arabian sea, the coconut palm fringed golden sandy beach of Someshwar is certainly one of the best exotic beaches in Karnataka. This pristine beach is famous for its majestic sunsets and large pile of rocks located on the beach called Rudra Shile !

Kudle beach

5 Virgin beaches in Karnataka!

We all go fanatical for Goa; but Goa's twin sister Gokarna poses an equal claim! Gokarna is a beach town in Karnataka that has all the charm of Goa, but eludes the loud hordes. Kudle beach in Gokarna is where you need to be , if you seek seclusion before mob! Travel to this gem of a place for a rejuvenating and relishing vacation. Spectacular backdrop and mystical sunsets add to the charm of this pristine beach!

Mattu beach

5 Virgin beaches in Karnataka!

Serene, placid and spellbinding beauty of Mattu beach in Udupi is something you have to experience first hand to discern it. Arraying coconut trees, naturally formed stretches and greenery unscathed by human interference sends a serene vibe that slithers through your soul. Mattu beach in Udupi is undeniable one of the best exotic beaches in Karnataka.

Bhatkal beach

5 Virgin beaches in Karnataka!

A pristine coastline interspersed with coconut palms, Bhatkal beach in Uttara Kannada region is not that secluded, thanks to its proximity with Murudeshwara temple - home to the second largest Shiva statue in the world, the 10th century temple of Sholeshwar, the gigantic Jog falls and Mangalore (60 km). The beach has a centuries old lighthouse and the rugged coastline offers a perfect trekking trail to wander into nature!

Paradise beach

5 Virgin beaches in Karnataka!

PC : Christopher Soghoian

Home to some of the quaint and best beaches in south India, Gokarna has another secret hid under its vest for avid travellers. Also known as Full Moon beach, Paradise is the final beach along the coast of Gokarna. Since there is no road connectivity, a boat trip or hike from the nearby Half Moon beach would take you to this once hippy heaven! Camping at Paradise beach in the night is a bliss!

These are the 5 Virgin beaches in Karnataka that are ardently waiting for your homecoming! Travel to these lesser known beaches in Karnataka and have a vacation of your lifetime. Happy Travelling :)

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