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10 Unexplored Forts In India That Can Serve As Film Shooting Locations

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Updated: Friday, January 20, 2017, 15:53 [IST]
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India has such impressive architectures that even Hollywood can't resist shooting here! This country boasts of heritages that can compete with any architecture around the world. So, why can't they serve as fantastic movie shooting locations? Yes, not only the famous destinations like Amber Fort in Rajasthan, Chapora Fort in Goa, etc. but also some lesser known places are scenic enough to be captured on the big screen.

Bollywood has always made use of the fantastic locations and forts that have turned into tourist spots in India. Even the regional films have captured these heritages of India in the best possible way. Interestingly, some popular Hollywood movies have also been shot in India!

Often, it seems like some places have been used over and over again in films. Since we already know about most of the iconic film shooting locations in India like Rajasthan forts, Darjeeling, Aitharappilly Falls, Udaipur Palaces, etc. we came up with a different list. How about some unexplored forts in India that can serve as film shooting locations?

Well, check out these picturesque forts and you will agree with us! These destinations may not be famous but they can still look superb on screen. Here you go, check out this photo tour!

(Note: This list includes possible film locations but we do not support any damage or destruction to the heritage structures.)

Mandu Fort

Mandu Fort Complex is truly wonderful and must be explored in Madhya Pradesh. It is known for its amazing architectures and this destination can look magical on screen for sure.

PC: Intekhab0731



The Raisen Fort amazes us with its rustic charm. Located in the town of Raisen in Madhya Pradesh, this ruined fort can be a potential film shooting locale.
PC: Vijay Tiwari09

Gawilghar – Gawilghur Fort

Gawilghur or Gawilghar is one of the lesser known forts of Maharashtra. This hill fort was under the Marathas and the East India Company for a long time. Today it is in a ruined state but it looks scenic, especially during the monsoons.
PC: C. Shelare


Korigad is one of the oldest forts in Maharashtra. It is a hill fort which was captured during Shivaji's rule. Korigad is situated near Lonavala and boasts of some stunning landscapes. However, the fort is in a ruined condition.
PC: Amogh Sarpotdar

Taragarh Fort

Rajasthan is one of the top film shooting locations in India. Its forts have for a long time served as beautiful backdrops or palaces in movies. The Taragarh Fort may not be a famous one but it is surely one of the best offbeat forts in Rajasthan.
PC: Diman-ozzy

Gingee Fort

The architecture of Gingee Fort was so strong that it was called the 'Troy of the East' by the British. Today, the Gingee Fort is one of the famous forts in Tamil Nadu. It is located in Villupuram.
PC: Karthik Easvur

Kondapalli Fort – Andhra

Kondapalli Fort is a 14th century architecture located in the Krishna District near Vijayawada. This beautiful hill fort is set in the backdrop of the Eastern Ghats which adds to the charm of the place. We are sure the quaint locales of Kondapalli Kota can make an awesome film shooting location.
PC: Vin09

Kalinjar Fort

The fortress of Kalinjar depicts the royal past of Uttar Pradesh. It is a hill fort situated at the edge of the Vindhya Mountain Ranges. The Kalinjar Fort has a unique architecture and thus is very attractive. Definitely, it is one of the unexplored forts in India that can serve as a film shooting location.
PC: Sagar Das, Rosehub

Reis Margos Fort

In recent decades, Goa has become one of the most sought after Bollywood film shooting locations in India. Some of its beaches and forts have become popular after being shown in the films. The Reis Margos Fort on the Northern Bank of the Mandovi river is one such offbeat destination to be explored here.
PC: Ashwin Kumar

Manjarabad Fort

The Manjarabad Fort is one of the top tourist places in Sakaleshpura of Karnataka. This defence fort is in a star shape and surrounded by the picturesque Western Ghats. Surely, it will be an awesome location for a photo shoot or a film shoot. Manjarabad Fort is one of the enchanting lesser known forts in India.

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