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Trekking For Amateurs In India

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Updated: Wednesday, March 15, 2017, 15:24 [IST]
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"Great things are done when men and mountains meet. This is not done by jostling in the street." William Blake

People often have a fear about trekking and think that it is not meant for them; it is a stunt performed only by professionals. Well, that is a huge misconception, as even the so called professional trekkers were also at one point amateurs who did not know anything about trekking until they started to trek very often. As the saying goes, practice makes a man perfect.

There are different levels of trekking and it is advisable for the beginners to stay happy with the easy ones and moderate ones before scaling greater heights. There are plenty of options in India for all the three levels of trekking.

India is a country blessed with ample hills and mountains across the country, be it the green Sahyadris, the Aravalli ranges, the mighty Himalayas and many more. The Himalayan ranges are particularly difficult to trek while the easier ones to trek can be found in almost every state of the country.

Some of these treks do not even require a guide to accompany you, unlike others that require an expert to guide you through paths of the various mountains. We bring you some of the places which can be undertaken by an amateur and enjoyed to its fullest.

1. Chembra Peak

Chembra Peak is the highest point in the Wayanad District, and the trek to the peak begins from the foothills. Meppadi is the base camp from where your adventure is all set to kick start.

As you begin the trek from the foothills, it is very important to take rest and climb up at a slow pace instead of rushing through.

One can opt to take the first break at the watchtower. After passing the watch tower the path takes you to a heart-shaped lake.

After the lake the difficulty increases a bit till the peak. If there are heavy rains it's high advised to skip the stretch alltogether.


2. Tadiandamol

The trek to Tadiandamol starts from a place called Kakkabe which is easily accessible by road. The trek is simple; it all begins from where the water stream passes. The entire trekking distance is about 2.6 km with the steep climb up for about a kilometre or so.

An ideal spot for camping would be near the big rock or even at the summit. Brace yourself to face a huge crowd if you are planning to go up there on a long weekend.

Elephant sightings have been made at recent times; hence, on your way up or down, it is highly advised to carry a torch.



The trek begins from McLeod Ganj in Himachal. One must head first to Dharamkot and start walking in the forest trail. As you proceed further, you will reach Gallu Devi Temple and from there to reach the summit it would take you around three to four hours.

One can stay at the Forest Department's Guesthouse with prior bookings made or take a camp for rent at any of the fixed camps at the summit.


4. Kareri Lake

The trek to Kareri Lake starts from the main market area of the Ghera village. As you cross the bridge it takes you over to Bhote Khosi, while the trek on the Kareri stream takes you to the village of Kareri. The entire trek would take you about 9 to 10 hours to complete.

As you trek through the forset trail, you would pass a school in Sari village which is an ideal place to stock up your supplies and proceed further to the destination which takes another 5 to 6 hours. Staying over at the Kareri village is a very good idea.



5. Prashar Lake

Situated in Mandi, the trek begins from Baggi village. A short jeep ride of about 40 minutes or so will take you to the village. It is from here the steep ascent begins through the dense forest.

The entire route is well defined and it will take you around four hours to reach the beautiful destination of Prashar Lake. The government-run guesthouse is a good place to stay or to set up a simple camp.


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