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14 Top Shrines of Lord Narasimha in South India

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We all know that it is Lord Narasimha who killed the demon king Hiranyakashyap to bless his devotee Prahlad. Various forms of Vishnu has been incarnated and one among them is the Lord Narasimha. There are some amazing temples dedicated to this God and the paths you need to take to reach these temples are just awesome and at times quite tedious and adventurous as well.

Most of the temples of Lord Narasimha are either inside a cave or on the hill-tops. There are a lot of devotees who would be visiting these shrines to seek blessings from the Lord. You may have to make a lot of preparations before you set to visit some of these temples. Why don't we travel to some of these famous temples now to increase the number of pilgrim destinations on your travel list.

Come on then! Let's take a visual tour of the top 14 shrines of Lord Narasimha located in South India and seek his blessings.

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