All You Need To Know About Kanyakumari

The Less Explored Islands Of India!

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Updated: Wednesday, April 12, 2017, 15:52 [IST]
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India is not only a country with ample tourist spots on land, but on sea as well. The southern part of the country is a peninsula and is surrounded by the Arabian sea in the western side, the Bay of Bengal in the eastern side and the Indian Ocean in the southern direction, and all the three seas meet at Kanyakumari.

The interesting geography of the country provides ample options for one to explore its green forests, scale the high mountain peaks, dive into the beaches and have an encounter with the wide variety of flora and fauna.

A Detailed Travel Guide To Lakshadweep Islands

Being a peninsular sub-continent, India has many islands to add on its list of destinations. It starts with the Andaman and Nicobar, Lakshadweep and also numerous other islands in its states, which are predominately in the southern part.

Some of us are aware of the islands of Anjuna, Juhu and Baga, yet like most hidden destinations on the land, there are also some hidden and beautiful islands in the country which are eagerly waiting to find their way into the tourist map.

If you want to take an escapade from the monotonous lifestyle and are looking forward to wipe out all the stress and worrisome thoughts, well then simply pack your bags and head towards the beautiful unexplored islands that are filled with sand and greenery. Take a look at the less explored islands in India, which we have found for you and start packing your bags and sail away!

1. Diu In Gujarat

The beautiful island which lies in the south coast of the Kathiawar peninsula in the state of Gujarat is Diu. This beautiful island for sure would swipe you off your feet with its fusion of the Portuguese culture and the Gujarati community. The island has some of the most magnificent architectural structures that add on to the charm of subtle beaches.

The Diu Island would definitely get you spoilt with what it offers.
PC: Urjit Yajnik


2. Barren Island Of Andaman

The name says it all! It is one of the islands that is located in the East of the Andaman chain of islands. The island proves to be a heaven for any photographer, which also is serene and secluded away from others. It is also the sole active volcanic island in India.

But nothing to panic, the island is breathtaking with its beauty and has a lot more to offer, but a point to be noted here is that there are totally no accommodation facilities available in this island.
PC: Arijayprasad


3. Majuli Island In Assam

Wondering how there is an Island in this part of the country? Well the answer to that is majuli island is a river island which holds the Guinness World Record for being the largest river island in the world.

The island flaunts its natural beauty and most part of it disappears during the monsoon season. But make sure you visit the place really quick, as the island has begun to sink and shrink at a really fast pace and the island may become history within the next two decades.
PC: Dhurbazaan Photography


4. Kavvayi In Kerala

Kavvayi is a tiny island in the Kavvayi Kayal, which also happens to be one of the largest backwaters in North Kerala. Marco Polo, Ibn Battula and Abdul Fida have mentioned about this small island in their travelogues. The island has a large history to it and also has a charm of its own that draws visitors in large numbers.

Want to know more about this island? Well then pack your bags and find it out for yourself.
PC: Vinayaraj


5. Hope Island In Andhra Pradesh

The island is the formation of the sand that drifts away from a tributary of the Godavari River, which is around 200 years old. To reach the island, one has to take a ride in the ferry from the Kakinada Fort. Once here, you would witness an unthoughtful beautiful sight that unfurls itself in front of your eyes.

As of now, the place is home to a few buildings which are owned by the government apart from shacks of the fishermen.
PC: Anantha BS


6. Sao Jacinto In Goa

The locals made an important decision in the year 1972 that they would never give out the land on lease, as they feared that heavy commercialization would wipe out the purity and the beauty of the island. Because of this reason, one can enjoy the fascinating views of the Indian Ocean and the coastline of Goa.
PC: Ashwin John

7. St. Mary's Island In Karnataka

With close proximity to the Malpe coast in Udupi, the St. Mary's Island is a group of four small islands that are well known for their hexagonal basaltic rock formations. The group of islands has found its way to the list of 26 geological monuments in India. It is a must-visit place for those who adorn the explorers cap.
PC: Arun P

8. Quibble Island In Tamil Nadu

The Quibble Island is one amongst the four river islands formed by the river Adyar and its tributaries. The island is a short drive of about 40 minutes from the city of Chennai. The beautiful island is a one-stop destination for one to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.
PC: Aravind Sivaraj

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