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Secret Hikes And Treks Around Dehradun

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Published: Tuesday, May 9, 2017, 10:30 [IST]
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Dehradun is nothing like how it used to be. As time went by the place underwent a lot of changes. The river streams are being made narrower to make space for wider roads. The green forests are slowly being replaced by the concrete jungles.

The place has slowly lost its charm which at one point of time had attracted the Britishers who had come here and eventually made it their holiday destination. The nature trails have given way to the metalled roads and Dehradun has developed at the cost of its beauty and splendour.

Dehradun is not completely done and dusted off its natural beauty. Behind the tall buildings and the tarred roads, there are still lost old roads and trails which Ruskin Bond has written about in his books. As a saying goes, Old is Gold; the old days may not completely come back, but there is a trace of it somewhere out there.

There is so much more to do at Dehradun than just making it a pit stop enroute to Mussoorie. Get to know Dehradun in all its glory through some of these day hikes which we have complied and get a feel of the real spirit of the place which has inspired Ruskin Bond, Stephen Alter and many more. Head to these places and get prepared to lose yourself amongst the deodars.

1. Maldevta Bridge

The Maldevta bridge is located close to the Rispana Valley, which is regarded as a heritage site. The valley of Rispana had an ancient route which was used by caravans to reach Mussoorie and its nearby villages for trade purposes and this ancient route would come in your way to Maldevta.

If you go for a hike here, you will be able to visit both these locations, and about a kilometre further down, the road would take you to the Maldevta waterfall. But to catch the waterfall in its full force you should come here in the end of July.
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2. Barlow Ganj

The name is very familiar to those who have read the books of Ruskin Bond and Rudyard Kipling. Very close to Mussoorie is this charming little hamlet of Barlow Ganj. One can hike up to reach Barlow Ganj via the Mussoorie route, which still has a few steps left made by the British.

PC: Paul Hamilton


3. Kalinga Park

The hike to Kalinga Park and fort is quite short. During this hike you will get to see the war memorial erected in the memory of the Gorkha soldiers who fought against the British. The park is around 5 km from the city centre and is located on the Raipur-Shastradhara highway.
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4. George Everest

George Everest was a British official who had completed the Trigonometric Survey of India, which at a later stage was used to measure the tallest mountain on the planet's height. George made Dehradun his home and also built a laboratory. To reach his house, one is required to cross the Bhatta village and Hathipaon. As you hike towards his house, you can enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of the Doon Valley on one side and on the other hand the snow-covered Himalayan ranges.
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5. Thano

This tiny hamlet is home to a very picturesque trail. Enroute to Thano, one would come across small temples which are hidden behind the verdure, since there is a lot of greenery. Keep a bird book handy as you can easily spot a large variety of birds here.
PC: Shivanjan

6. Lambi Dehar Mines

In the jungle, it tends to be very uncommon to come across ghost stories or haunted mansions. The Lambi Dehar Mines is considered to be haunted; but wait, the views this place offers you is more killing than the horror element.
PC: Paul Hamilton

7. Kalsi

Kalsi is an important historical site on the foothills of Jaunsar as the place is home to some of the Ashokan Rock Edicts. Even though the place has a rich heritage value, one would hardly come across anyone walking into this site. One can also opt to visit the nearby Kata Pathar canal and the Jagat Gram orchard.
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8. The Kipling Trail

Rudyard Kipling was well known for his walking ability besides his encounters with tigers. The Kipling trail begins from Rajpur via Jharipani and ends at Mussoorie. The trail takes you through an old railway tunnel and also through the rest houses made for the Britishers. The trail also requires one to scale up five hairpin bends and Kipling himself walked through these routes to reach Mussorie.
PC: Abigali Becker

9. Robber's Cave

One of the popular sites in Dehradun is the Robber's Cave. If you are an adventurous person who loves to get their feet wet, then this is the place to go. The cave has a water stream which has to be crossed on foot to reach the other end. A quiet walk inside the cave and one can listen to the gurgling of the river below your feet.
PC: Nandanautiyal

10. Bhadraj Hill

Bhadraj Hill is just ahead of Mussoorie and Clouds End which is also near Mussoorie. The hill has a peaceful temple with a breathtaking view of the valley which is blanketed between clouds. One can make it a two-day trek and choose the starting point either from Dehradun or Mussoorie and trek away.
PC: Paul Hamilton

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