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Have a Colour Blast at Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad

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Updated: Thursday, December 8, 2016, 11:38 [IST]
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The World's Largest Film Studio Complex is in India and we can't stop gushing about it! Yes, the effervescent Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad is one of the best thematic parks. It has been on top charts of Hyderabad tourism for some years now. The sprawling film studio complex caters to people of all age groups and that is why it is popular. Sure, words can portray this wonderland but isn't it more effective when you see?

Check out this detailed photo-tour of Ramoji Film City to enjoy it to the core! This virtual tour will definitely urge you to visit atleast once.

Entering Ramoji Film City

Ramoji Film City is located in the outskirts of Hyderabad. Ramoji Film city is at a distance of 25km from Hyderabad.

PC: Vinayaraj


Travel From the Main Entrance

All private vehicles have to be left in the main entrance parking lot and go inside the park in the film city buses.

PC: Akshatha Vinayak



Ramoji Main Centre

This is the main area where the Ramoji Film City tour starts. Fundustan on one side, Dil Se Restaurant on the other side, fun rides can be seen here.

PC: Cephas 405



Fundustan is the kid's park which is colourful and most entertaining.

PC: Joydeep


Fountain at Fundustan

Just enter the genie and find this guy in Fundustan.

PC: Akshatha Vinayak


Wall Paintings

The walls are painted with cartoons and colourful caricatures in Fundustan.

PC: Akshatha Vinayak


Boorasura – The Magician

You love these statues at Ramoji.

PC: Vinayaraj


Statues at Ramoji

Every nook and corner of Fundustan has such sculptures.

PC: Akshatha Vinayak



There are a few jolly rides at Ramoji Film City. Merry-go-Round (Carousel) is one of them.

PC: Akshatha Vinayak


Dashing Car

3-minute ride of Dashing car is just awesome.

PC: Akshatha Vinayak


Scary Castle

This house has many interesting horror sculptures and sections.

PC: Akshatha Vinayak


Vibrant Scary House

Scary house in Ramoji is entertaining and vivacious.
PC: Akshatha Vinayak

Images inside Scary House

Scary House has a lot of horror images and life sized idols.

PC: Abhishek Malavalli


Colourful Mazes

Scary House is mazy and has many interesting passages that lead you inside the house.

PC: Abhishek Malavalli


Film Sets Are the Integral Part of Film City

This train is just a set which are used in several movies.

PC: Aditya Malavalli


Kolkata Mansion

This is a set of Kolkata Mansion which is used in film shooting.

PC: Akshatha Vinayak


Most Beautiful Mahabharata Set

Mahabharata set with life-sized statues of characters of Mahabharata takes you to a different world!

PC: Abhishek Malavalli


Krishna Leading the Court Session

This Mahabharata Set depicts the court session.

PC: Akshatha Vinayak


Beautiful set

The lighting and shining interiors of Mahabharata Set looks royal

PC: Akshatha Vinayak


Court in Session

Another view of Mahabharata Set

PC: Akshatha Vinayak


Butterfly Park at Ramoji

There is a small butterfly park which has many varieties of butterflies.

PC: Akshatha Vinayak



Catch up with Flying Jewels. It is a great place for photography.

PC: Chandu


Large Aviary

Ramoji has recently created a bird's park where many exotic birds can be seen.

PC: Akshatha Vinayak


Birds Park at Ramoji

Birds Park forms the eco-region at Ramoji Film City.

PC: Akshatha Vinayak


Caged Birds

Different species of parrots, pelicans, pigeons, etc. can be found in this caged area.

PC: Akshatha Vinayak


Ostrich and Emu at Ramoji Film City Birds Park

No doubt, these two are one of the main attractions in the birds park.

PC: Abhishek Malavalli


Gardens and parks at Ramoji

Ramoji Film City has many parks and gardens. This is called as Devayani Gardens (the Garden of Maidens).

PC: Akshatha Vinayak


Mughul Garden at Ramoji

Mughul Garden plays a double role; it looks like a Mughul Garden as well as Brindavan Garden in Mysore.

PC: Chandu


Japanese Garden

These beautiful gardens beauty Ramoji and they are part of all package tours.

PC: Vinayaraj


Picturesque Fountains

Amazing Sun Fountain is one of the beautiful fountains in the film city.

PC: Pratish Khedekar


Angel's Fountain

Ramoji Film City is dotted with several fountains and it part of package tours in the film city.

PC: Shijan Kaakkara


A Dance Show at Ramoji

Dance Shows are an integral part of Ramoji Film City. These are the most enjoyable part of the tour.

PC: Abhishek Malavalli


Kripalu Caves

Kripalu Caves depict the Bodhisatva and the history of Magada

PC: Akshatha Vinayak


Statue at the Entrance of Kripalu Caves

Kripalu Caves is interesting explore in Ramoji Film City.

PC: Akshatha Vinayak



Interiors of Kripalu Caves

Several sculptures and idols relating to Buddhism can be seen inside Kripalu Caves. This idol of Naga is one of the beautiful sculptures.

PC: Akshatha Vinayak


Dil Se Restaurant

Ramoji Film City has many hotels with good food. Dil Se is one of the restaurants in the main square.

PC: Chandu


Super Star Restaurant

There are many restaurants in Ramoji Film City, namely The Super Star, Hollywood Restaurant, Galaxy Restaurant and Jimmy's Drive-In.

PC: Akshatha Vinayak



Space Yatra

Space Yatra is another fun sector in Ramoji Film City

PC: Akshatha Vinayak



The Mask

You can see such life-sized models of famous movie and cartoon characters across the film city.

PC: Akshatha Vinayak



Movie Magic Building

This has live movie making show where they tell about the basics of film making. They even demonstrate the basic process.

PC: Akshatha Vinayak


Lit-up Ramoji

Ramoji Film City looks jubilant with lightings in the evening.

PC: Akshatha Vinayak



Vibrant Carnivals at Ramoji

Ramoji Film city has so many carnivals; there will be different programms at these carnivals. This is a photo of Diwali Carnival!

PC: Akshatha Vinayak



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