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6 Popular Clock Towers In India

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Updated: Friday, February 3, 2017, 11:55 [IST]
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A clock tower is a tall tower structure which has a turret clock or clock faces on its exterior walls. It may not have to be an independent structure and can be a part of a church or any building. Initially, most clock towers were part of a church or an official building.

Later, separate towers with clocks were constructed. Once upon a time these clock towers served an integral role for that particular city or town in which they were located. Today, most of these age-old clock towers are the landmark locations.

In this tech-savy world, a clock or a watch may not be a big gadget, but it is still an important one. There was time when clock towers were the means through which people got to know the time, but today it is not the case. So, with changing period the importance for clock towers has deceased but its heritage value is the same.

Clock towers have a major role to play in terms of tourism. Hence, many of these clock towers are the prominent landmarks in the cities and towns. Likewise, India also has many clock towers which are now the prominent landmarks.

Check out this photo tour around the popular clock towers in India

Chennai Central Railway Station Clock Tower

Madras Central is one of the prominent landmarks in Chennai! It is a railway terminus which has a history of more than 142 years. Chennai Central Railway Station Clock Tower was a later addition to this Gothic Style of Architecture which was completed in 1900.
PC: jamal haider



Rajabai Tower

The Rajabai Clock Tower of South Mumbai is a replica of Big Ben in London. It was built during the time of the British within the Fort Campus of the University of Mumbai. Today, this tower is one of the iconic structures in Mumbai.
PC: Steve Evans



Jodhpur Clock Tower

Locally known as Ganta Ghar, this clock tower of Jodhpur was built by Maharaja Sardar Singh. This beautiful tower with an Indian style of architecture attracts many tourists.
PC: Nishant.chawla123

Dufferin Clock Tower

Unlike other clock towers, Dufferin Clock Tower is not a very tall structure. However, it was built in honour of the British Viceroy to India Lord Dufferin. This clock tower near Devaraja Market in Mysore is one of the heritage sites in the city.
PC: Saraswatasri



Secunderabad Clock Tower

Secunderabad Clock Tower was completed in the year 1897. This historic tower is 120 ft tall with four clocks. A war memorial and a park was created around this tower in the later years.
PC: Bhaskaranaidu



Husainabad Clock Tower

Husainabad Clock Tower is one of the heritage structures located next to the famous Rumi Darwaza. This clock tower was constructed in the year 1881. Husainabad Clock Tower is situated in Lucknow.
PC: Asitjain



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