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Thinking Of Going Abroad? Head To These Equally Good Places In India!

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Published: Friday, April 28, 2017, 15:00 [IST]
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Most of us don't have all the privilege of going abroad for a holiday; two main things are the biggest barriers for a common man to broad a flight to one of those fancy holiday places, either in the European countries or other destinations, which are time and money.

However, India is a vast country which has plenty to offer and some of the destinations transport you to foreign countries. Let's begin with Pondicherry, the erstwhile French colony has still not given up all the influences of the French. It can be seen it the architecture, the food and in the culture of the people who have made the French quarter their permanent home.

There are many more such places which have a resemblance to various fancy places across the seas. To make things a tad-bit easier, for those of you who would not be able to afford an international holiday, we bring you some places which certainly can beat Foreign lands. Don't believe us? Well, head to these equally beautiful places and decide for yourself!

1. Malana – The Little Greece In Himachal Pradesh

The locals here are believed to be the descendants of Alexander The Great, and the local court system reflects the ancient Greek system.

The Malanese people have a lower house and a upper house system, which is very similar to that in Greece. The village is also considered as one of the oldest democracies in the world.

PC: hermesmarna


2. Pondicherry – The French Town In Tamil Nadu

Once a French colony, the architecture here in most of the buildings reflects the styles of the colonials of the Portuguese, Dutch and the French.

An interesting factor what one can notice here is the flawless transition of the Tamil houses to the beautiful French villas, which are very quaint and charming.

PC: Roshan Sam


3. Alleppey – The Venice Of The East In Kerala

With the waterways as the main transport system, which lies in the lines similar to the ones in Venice, you need to travel all the way up to Venice to see the beauty of the canal system; however, you could simply head straight down to the God's own Country - Kerala to see this spectacular beauty and take a stroll in the houseboats as well.

PC: Silver Blue


4. Kasol – The Little Israel In Himachal Pradesh

The place has a large population of people from Israel; and the natural beauty and culture also would make one feel as if it was one of the destinations in Israel.

With signboards written in Hebrew and the local food of Hummus everywhere, it becomes a little hard to figure out if you are in India once you are in Kasol.

PC: Raghavan Prabhu


5. Mumbai – The Miami Of The 80s

The fast-paced life, growing economy, the underworld and the long beaches, Mumbai is what exactly Miami looked like 30 years ago, along with the skyscrapers and many more such factors, which one can draw parallels to the US State.

PC: Vidur Malhotra


6. Thar Desert – The Sahara Desert Of India

Want to see how a huge desert would look like? Well, you need not head to the Sahara Desert to see it, but you could head straight to the Thar Desert in the state of Rajasthan; and you would witness every thing what you get to see in the Sahara, such as the scorpions, sand snakes, endless sand dunes and the night-sky filled with stars.

PC: Binny V A

7. Western Ghats – Our Very Own Amazon Forest

The massive lush green forest, which begins from Gujarat, Maharashtra border and ends at Kanyakumari, passing through the states of Goa, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, covering a total distance of 1600 km, is any day equivalent to the Amazon Forest.

Also known as the Sahyadri, the ranges have been recognised by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and one amongst the hottest hot-spots of biological diversity in the world.

PC: Thangaraj Kumaravel


8. Shillong – The Scotland Of The East

With its wavy meadows, rivers and lush grasslands, which are found to be similar to the ones of the Scottish highlands, Shillong is a must visit site for a nature enthusiast. Why go to Scotland when you can simply head to Shillong, right? You will find the beautiful meadows and many other attractions right in the land of Shillong.

PC: Sindhuja0505


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